Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Day After International Peace Day Contains Profanity

It's the day after International Peace Day, so let's rant.

I get at least three emails every single morning from various marketers, peddling products and services as diverse as stand-up urinals for women and books catering to those who believe in manifesting your destiny even as you're swept away in a flash flood in a keyhole cavern. Today's email, though, got my proverbial panties in a wad (I hate the words "panties" and "wad," but some self-flagellation is in order for my upcoming rudeness). This email was promoting a singer named The Reverend Promise Dixon, the 10th of 14 children from Oklahoma. He has a new song, Killers, that addresses the recent Planned Parenthood conspiracy, and the marketer hopes I'll listen to and tell ya'll about it. Normally, I'd delete this kind of thing immediately after seeing that it's evangelical Christian (how in Buddha's name do these people get my email?), but I kept reading until I reached the final paragraph where I promptly burst out laughing (as opposed to combusting which I'm sure the Revered Dixon would have preferred). Here's the last paragraph of the email:

When people talk about Planned Parenthood, it is most often discussed from the perspective of a woman.  Rev. Dixon says that his song sheds light on a different perspective; “This is a unique story, because you always hear about the woman's perspective, but never from the perspective of a man, who actually paid for the abortions.”  It is Rev. Dixon’s hope that through his song, people will be awakened out of complacency and into action.

Here's the action I'm awakened into, Rev. Dixon. Go f*#k yourself.


Speaking of music, Oliver was walking around the house this morning humming bars of "Ebony and Ivory," although he was using different words. I made the mistake of correcting and telling him that the singers were Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney and that it was about racial harmony. Oliver rolled his eyes and said in his most incredulous fourteen-year-old tone, Have you ever even heard of that song, Mom?


  1. I went to the Reverend Promise Dixon's Facebook page. Oh boy. Strangely enough you can't leave a comment on his site. Probably just as well. The men who pay for the abortions. Hmmmm. It's sad and scary that these sentiments still exist. And why are people so scared of women having dominion over their own bodies?

  2. If you want more rage, you can then go research the Red Pill Game movement, which I did this morning.

    Actually, don't.

  3. One more nutter to add to the nut heap.

    I always think your home looks so peaceful, but this photo is stunning. It looks like a room where so much and so little can happen - comforting and stimulating. And those windows....so English, be still my heart!

  4. My god! That picture! Elizabeth! Thank you for that moment of peace and serenity.
    Now. On to the misguided Reverend Dixon- what a dickwad.
    I wish I could link a thing I read on FB today about abortion. It was written by a woman named Amanda Duarte. It starts out like this: "I don't care if Planned Parenthood provides nothing BUT abortion services. I don't care if it's a million-story abortion superpark with abortion waterslides and abortion electrical parades. Abortion is legal. ABORTION IS LEGAL!"
    So fucking true. I'll go share it on FB.

  5. The Reverend Promise Dixon alone made me pee myself with laughter. And probably my womb and all its friends (bladder) and ruined on account of the damned abortion. But I honestly think the name The Reverend Promise Dixon would be perfect for a really bad piece of pulp fiction. Or even good fiction. xoxoxox

  6. LOL -- Oliver cracks me up. Again.

    I don't understand how all these marketers get in touch with you to tout their products. No one's ever been in touch with ME to do so. Or maybe I've just deleted their e-mails along with the dozens of other spam messages I get in any given day.

    As for the Rev. Promise Dixon, yes, he can go fuck himself. I was commenting to a co-worker yesterday that you NEVER see someone who's pro-life without also being religious. Why is that? You never see an atheist pro-lifer.

  7. Oy. I had probably better not even go digging any further in to this, given my thoughts on the issue. I am pretty sure that my panties would spontaneously combust along with my hair. I am always amused when people make arguments like that without thinking them through to their logical conclusions (although I suppose logic is probably not high on Rev. Dixon's list of tools). I wonder if he ever thought about the myriad ways his mother "paid" for her 14 children and how many other women "pay" to raise children whose fathers haven't deigned to stay involved, or the number of women and men who "paid" very dearly to secure the rights of women to have abortions. I suspect not. What an asshat.



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