Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Put A Spell On You

I put a spell on you because you're mine.

Screamin Jay in the car and I'm thousands of miles away in my mind, a movie theatre, black and white film, the Hungarian girl and the man with the huge nose, the back of their car, someplace embedded in snow and then light or was it the other way around? This song. Nina Simone then in my mind. Both of you in my mind and I'm back in my car and up ahead something glitters. A flash of light that makes me blink, look away, blink and open and in that space it's an angel's wings on the back of a truck and the light bends as the truck moves (is it a movie shoot?) but it's only (only?) the sun glinting off a rake in the back of a gardener's truck. Stranger Than Paradise. Everything is all (only?) in your mind.



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