Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Restoration In Progress

I honestly have no idea how to catch up here and relay to you the glorious things I saw and did while up at Mammoth over the weekend through Tuesday.  I guess I'll just have to post some of my favorite photos -- these are a few of the ones I took on my iPhone, and none have any sort of editing or filter on them. I also used a Canon, but I have hundreds and hundreds of shots that I need to go through, so I'll leave you with these.

For all of you who say that "you'd miss the seasons" if you lived in California -- well -- we have the seasons.

Here's fall:

The shot below was taken just off the highway where we pulled over when we saw an enormous herd of sheep. Within moments, a real shepherd (I'm SERIOUS!) came whistling down a path with a real border collie who literally shepherded the sheep away from the fence and the highway and back into the field.

My favorite place was the aptly named "Convict Lake." I think the story goes that a group of convicts escaped from a Carson City prison and ran here. The lake is at well over 7,000 feet elevation and achingly beautiful. I hung out for a while while my photographer friends wandered about taking their spectacular pictures. I took off my socks and hiking boots at one point and waded into the icy water. I lay under the tallest trees and looked up to the end where the branches hit the sky. I have always loved to feel very, very small.

It rained hard and the winds howled one night and all the next day. That was exhilarating -- to feel the rain on my face, to feel chilled and wet and no longer parched.

I saw six rainbows, too.

I have a thing for trees that stand alone in vast empty spaces or along ridges. They speak of accommodation and a fierce loneliness.

It snowed, too, and while I'm not a fan of the white stuff, there was something exhilarating about moving from yellow to white in the space of an hour. The eastern Sierras are really just spectacular.

I could just post pictures all day, but really what I want to say is that I am so grateful to have the opportunity to travel in the great state of California, to be outside wandering around so many spectacular vistas and to be restored by friendship, love and the earth.

photographer: Carl Jackson


  1. So happy to read this. You look restored. Beautiful pictures. x0 N2

  2. Gorgeous! Both you and the fall scenery.

  3. Beautiful photos! I too love lone trees, and I love the brightly painted...rock? So much of my California experience has been urban. I've spent no time at all in the Sierras. It's like another planet to me.

  4. Lovely! That includes you.


  5. Thank you for showing all of this beauty.

  6. I love being a tourist in my own state. We so often forgo that pleasure, don't we? But you did not and these are beautiful shots and you- well. You are beautiful too.

  7. I love everything about this post, what it says and what it doesn't, and how it winks and exhales. I'm so happy for you.

  8. What a magical place. So glad you were able to have a time of refreshing.

  9. My favorite is the picture of you. That photographer is good.

  10. 'I have always loved to feel small' That sentence got me. True for me also.

  11. I echo what AnnDeO wrote. Spectacular pictures. You are a talented photographer. Hope mother nature has restorative effects.

  12. Thank you for nostalgic views of autumn in the Sierras, the sky, the color. Restoration, simply being put back together after being so asunder. Lovely. xo

  13. Wonderful and soul-restoring, and that's a great portrait,
    the 10-year-old you grinning to find herself playing in the high mountains.

  14. You look happy and content. I am glad of that.

  15. Lovely photos Elizabeth; I especially love the one with the spruce and the snow on the ground. It looks like a painting.



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