Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm a Tightrope Walker and a Non-Stop Talker

The other day -- actually the same day that the AHCA (Ass Hole Care Act) bill passed through the House, I had the privilege of talking to Abi Wurdeman on her SpareMin podcast. Abi had read my blog and contacted me to do one of these short and casual podcasts for Mother's Day week. She is a writer and podcaster living in Los Angeles who hosts interviews on SpareMin that center around human rights, feminism and diversity representation in the media.

Also a comedy writer, Abi was incredibly tolerant of my chattiness that day. Good Lord. When I listened to the podcast, I realized that my intense anger over the AHCA bill manifested as near babbling over the issues that I care about most. OK. Not near babbling -- babbling.

In any case, it was a fun interview that you might want to listen to if you have a spare minute or fifteen or need a diversion from all the crap hitting the fan today. Abi's got some other ones on there that are great listening, too.



  1. I loved hearing your voice on that podcast, and if what you were doing was babbling, at least it was coherent and intelligent and informed. You can babble to me anytime. XO

  2. Your babbling is enriching. Actually you had to do that to get all the information in that you needed to deliver. It's funny, sometimes it's much easier to understand and connect to things when they are spoken instead of written. And yes, your voice, perfect !

  3. Alas I couldn't get it to load on my old computer... glad you had a platform to Advocate and deliver your message. Dawn... The Bohemian



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