Friday, May 25, 2018

Peonies and Patriotism

There's a blowsiness to peonies that no one remarks upon -- something disheveled about their beauty, their response to the sun. The tightness of the closed flower belies fecundity and generosity.

Another Memorial Day weekend is here -- and the nation's sport, one in which heads are bashed into oblivion even as people insist on their entertainment, is now dictating that its players either salute the flag or stay in the tunnel. Obeisance to the massuh. O say can you see. Patriotism. The lie. Belies.

Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori


  1. From peonies to faux patriotism.
    I like the peonies and deplore the other.

  2. our peonies are still little jaw breaker sized balls, tickled by small ants- I love your description- blowsiness- Princess Diana looked like a peony in her wedding frock, as for the flag/anthem and all of that idiocy...everything has been said. Wicked stupidity.

  3. Yep, what Mary said. The stupid in this country just keep getting stupider.

  4. It’s all blowing my mind. I have whiplash trying to keep all the atrocities in sight. And now the 1500 lost refugee children.

  5. peonies know nothing of fascism

  6. As I understand that new NFL rule, it prohibits showing "disrespect" to the flag. If I were those athletes, I would continue to speak out as I desired, kneel or whatever, and if challenged I would argue that my speaking out actually RESPECTS the flag and what it stands for. After all, it stands for freedom, and that means freedom of speech and freedom to challenge the status quo. The flag itself, the object, is not important -- it's just a piece of cloth. Who's really disrespecting the democratic ideals that the flag stands for -- protesters kneeling, or those who would stifle their speech?

    1. perfectly said. And if you want to really talk about disrespecting the flag, we can reflect on the Trump clothing line for Memorial Day, replete with flag festooned hats and clothing.

  7. We plunge through a tide of blood. It's perilous out there.



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