Monday, September 17, 2018

It's a Health Insurance Miracle!

When my podcast partner, Jason Lehmbeck, heard about what happened last week with The Blue Shield of California first denying and then mysteriously covering Sophie's infusions of IVIG, he said, "It's an insurance miracle!" and somehow that one remark not only sent me into a gale of giggles but has sustained me ever since. That's the beauty of our community and of my partner -- he gets me, I get him and we get all of ya'll.

We recorded a catch-up podcast last week and hope that if you haven't yet checked out Who Lives Like This?! you will today. Jason and I didn't have a guest on but rather caught each other and our listeners up on what's been going down in our lives. We talked about our kids and highlighted The Siblings. We also hashed out which episodes had most affected us or that stuck out for us personally. For me it was the discussion with Josh Fyman, a father of a severely disabled young girl and his family's decision to place her in a residential setting instead of caring for her at home. This is a topic that has always made me squirm in discomfort. I have strong opinions, as you know, and I thought I felt pretty unequivocally about this subject. What happened, over the course of the podcast and then for weeks afterward, was a kind of mind and heart opening. I don't know how to explain it in any other way, but I do know that Josh and Jason and I talked about what seems like an impossible thing to talk about, and my heart and my mind were opened. That's all I'll say about that, but I encourage you to listen to the podcast.

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  1. I LOVE hearing of Health Insurance Miracles! The Son has had one as well... and was able to spend a Week in the Hospital finally receiving Treatment even tho' he's Uninsured. Here's to Medical Miracles riding on the coattails of Health Insurance ones!

  2. I've listened to the first part of that one and want to go back and listen to the rest. I loved the it's a Health Insurance Miracle!

  3. That specific podcast really spoke to me. Removing a child with disabilities from his/her family and home is a hot topic for me as well. I began with strong opinions but managed to listen with a relatively open mind to Josh's rational presentation of the opposing view. I can't say I was persuaded but it certainly gave me plenty to ponder.
    Please keep those podcasts coming!



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