Friday, April 17, 2020


I'm all over the place. Perhaps. (condition) Filled with vitriol and judgement and sadness masked by bitter humor. I know this in parts (not part). It must be irritating to listen to someone compare a disabled person and her caregiver to a pandemic's dictates. To constantly draw parallels. Parallels. One line tilts at some point must tilt at some point in this madness we call living. Sophie knows everything about isolation and confinement. Her journey is not mine nor are there parallels. But tilt. Because she is my heart I can understand how deep. Fathoms. Unfathomable. Unfathom is not a word, but I am learning unlearning to do it because of her. When she was a baby and screamed for hours I rocked her in a brown and cream-checked chair from the life before her, chanting Breathing in I calm myself, breathing out I smile.  Tonglen. Breathe in all the world's pain and suffering and breathe out good. When I forget -- tilt and the unfathomable depth of her eyes.


  1. Is it okay to say that in the second picture, especially, she reminds me of a Native American Elder?
    Yes. Unfathomable.

  2. Beautiful Sophie. Wishing you a smooth day.

  3. Such extraordinary beauty. She looks as if she knows so much.

  4. Sophie's photos today remind me of Frida Kahlo, whose Amazing Art was born of suffering after a tragic accident left her bedridden and in solitude. I think perhaps being in Lock Down has many of us all over the place, in Emotions, in our Thoughts, since our Bodies must now find a way to embrace more Stillness and Reflective Time instead of the busyness of our Lives Pre-Pandemic. As a Caregiver to The Man and The G-Kid Force, I didn't go out that much before Pandemic, but now is a different kind of normal even for us and it's an adjustment period we're going to have to embrace, accept... breathing in and breathing out. I Love your Chant, I might need to use that one while helping The Man to have his change of Routine necessary for Pandemic, which he's strenuously resisting since his Routines are so important to him. Getting him to wear a Face Mask, or Gloves... OMG! Gallow's Humor helps and it makes for Great Blog Fodder!

  5. Her beauty is astounding. "and the unfathomable depth of her eyes."

  6. She is our teacher. She’s beautiful and wise and she knows you understand what others don’t. Thanks for trying valiantly, exhaustingly I’m sure, to bring us along.

    1. I would wish to unfathom this but cannot as it is all too well known. The look.

  7. I, too, thought of Frida. Between the eyes and the flowers in her hair. Also the way she sits so regally.

    I hope that this time of confinement brings people to a more compassionate way of feeling and of living. People who've never had to be constrained before. May they expand their hearts and minds.

  8. Your Sophie watches and it is so calming to look back.

    I am trying to turn words in my mind, confinement into shelter and distancing into having room for whatever etc



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