Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Corner View - Animals

This week's Corner View is hosted by Joyce at A Perfect Beginning and the theme is Animals.  We have a dwarf hamster named Peanut who is emotionally deprived and basically lives an isolated life in a large container with a wheel because he bites and is as mean as hell. He is fed and his cage is cleaned but that's about it. I often feel as if we're raising a monster and that he most certainly has an attachment disorder.

Valentine (one of the patron saints of epilepsy), on the other hand, is our Standard Poodle and one of the goofiest dogs you'll ever meet.

She was originally bought and partially trained to be a therapy dog (and I was the one who insanely signed up to have her trained, a subject for another post) but quickly became a family dog. Despite the fact that she is now six years old and shows no sign of calming down or mellowing out, we love her to death. She's actually quite well-behaved, just enormously exuberant.

For links to corner views around the world, visit Jane at Spain Daily.


  1. Totally in love with your dog. :-)

  2. Can I just say that your new header picture makes my soul be in wonder?

  3. exuberant, love that word.
    and as the owner of a dog like that, it's easy joy.

    the caged pets, I can't do.

    your son in the hat ~ awesome

  4. Your pup is beautiful and your son a cutie! xo

  5. So many changes here! Cute fluffy dog!

  6. Oh, my gosh, I love her namd and her FACE! Maybe she's a different kind of therapy dog than you had in mind, but she sounds like a good therapist nonetheless. =) Love the hamster-from-hell business, too. Isn't it funny about animals? You do your best homework, but you really don't know what you're getting. Hmm.

  7. I heard that dwarf hamsters are like that. I wouldn't feel to guilty about him - they're all totally OCD.

    Your dog looks like he'd be a great pal for my dog :)

  8. We had a pair of aging dwarf hamsters that had been passed around our neighborhood. I was so glad when they died--mean as snakes. And you can't get another one to keep the other company. Unless they're raised together, they'll tear each other apart.

    Nice dog, though!

  9. Hamsters terrify me, they look too much like rats. Valentine, on the other hand, is adorable!

  10. Ha! LOVE the commentary on Peanut!

  11. i LOVE your doggie!!!!
    Give your hamster a carrot every couple days and you will feel better. He will too.
    hamsters are pretty solitary creatures anyway. I'm sure he's fine. Maybe give him a toilet paper roll to chew on or an untreated wood block so he has a little project. Or some hay to burrow under?
    As if you don't have enough to do!
    mean hamsters are scary!

  12. I have an exuberant Standard Poodle too!



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