Friday, April 23, 2010

Sophie, Inc.

Every now and then the specter of working moms versus stay-at-home moms pops its -- let's say -- BORING, controversial head up, and I feel compelled to comment on how boring the debate is, etc. etc. And when I get all uptight about our current financial situation, which is difficult, to say the least, I wonder how much money I'd make if I were paid for running Sophie, Inc.

I've refrained from complaining, at least on here, about the more than two month "break" Sophie has had from school (see my post on Perspective yesterday).  She is on what's called a Track B schedule at a school here in Los Angeles -- the year-round schools were originally designed for over-crowding but are being phased out (of course, this fall when she leaves the school after three years!) because of under-enrollment. And I'm not going to start complaining, except I will note that if you think the tone of my posts lately have been one of perhaps a rising hysteria, well, that's partly the reason. I have less help and more Sophie.

Sophie goes back to school, hopefully, the first week of May. The President and CEO of Sophie, Inc. plans on going back to her yoga class three times a week, getting down to business about losing weight, having lunch with her friends now and then, catching a couple of movies and working on her book. Her two other part-time positions, that actually do bring in a bit of money will also take precedence, again.

Disclosure: The President and CEO of Sophie, Inc. has actually been compensated for her experience running such a complicated company. She recently got a position reviewing grants for the Department of Maternal and Child Health and has worked for some years, part-time in the area of quality improvement for children with special healthcare needs. She would never have gotten these jobs without the experience of running Sophie, Inc. 


  1. sophie is beautiful...
    as are you.

    i am with you.

  2. I have days when going to work is a relief. You have a very hard job. Not that you need me to tell you that.

  3. Elizabeth, sorry if I just sound a little bit like a relative of yours from that roman ancestor, but it sounds to my tired self (bad day) that you're excusing yourself for something. Why? I'd like you to think of your readers more like those mothers whom you blogged about earlier on today: we all have a lot in common, feelings if not circumstances. We can hear you. I do hope you get more help. Baci.

  4. I run Samantha Inc and I'll tell's the hardest job I have.

    Hang in there :)

    P.S. I love the picture of her, what a beautiful girl :)

  5. I always dreaded summer because of this. Katie for two months with no school. You need more help.

  6. I agree that the stay-at-home/go-to-work debate is all kinds of boring. No room for black and white thinking in our grey old world.

    I am one of those parents who finds respite in her paying gig.

    Off to go read your perspective post.

  7. Of course you have my vote and I would like to apply for a job, any job with Sophie, Inc.

  8. Is that battle still being waged. I'm too too old to know from personal experience, but come on. Sophie, Inc. is harder than anything I have done. I'm sure of that. And I would bet more rewarding in the end. is absolutely necessary for everyone's well-being.

  9. I liked your little disclaimer.
    Good stuff.
    I can barely run my own little life. You are the most kick ass, rockin, amazing CEO in the world.
    Here's to May and yoga and lunch!
    Hang in there Elizabeth.
    (I know, what else can you do?)

  10. Sister.

    I insisted my husband take out life insurance for me, because there was no way he could possibly afford the TEAM of people it would take to replace me, otherwise!

  11. When I get really down about running Oscar, Inc. I think how about how much I would love my job if only I'd interviewed for it and got paid! Love the kid, but I get tired of the job.

  12. I love that photo of Soph-a-Boph.



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