Thursday, June 16, 2011

Be Strong, Pass it On

Remember the earthquake in Japan? I hardly do, and that makes my stomach turn. I've been wallowing in my own misery the last few days, sick and overwhelmed by nearly everything. But today I was contacted by a company called Horipro, one of the preeminent total entertainment providers in Japan, and decided to climb out of my literal bed (of my own making). Here's part of the press release that they sent me:

In response to the March 11th earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, HoriPro Entertainment Group songwriters Matt Palmer and Pascal Guyon teamed up to write an inspirational song dedicated to the mothers and children affected by the tragedy.  A few weeks later, a choir of children from the Los Angeles HORIPRO Music Academy, ages 3-13, joined the effort to add their voices to the song and make a music video to accompany their message of hope. It is HoriPro's intent to create awareness of the continued need for relief aid to the mothers and children of Japan. As such, HoriPro Entertainment Group is hosting a donation site, bestrongjapan, offering a song/video package of Be Strong, available for download for a minimum donation of $5.00. 

The campaign is designed to give contributors control over where their money is sent by allowing options for charities focused on aiding mothers and children -- UNICEF, Save the Children, or JOICFP. 100% of the proceeds will be delivered to the organization of their choice.

HoriPro is delivering the following official statement:


Here's more information on the charities:

Donation Site:

JOICEP is a non-profit organization that helps give back to women and mothers in disaster-affected areas, focused on improving maternal health, responding to the reproductive health of women in devastation areas, as well as the delivery of diapers, sanitary napkins and relief clothing for women and newborns.

UNICEF Unicef is a foundation focused on working with others to overcome the obstables of poverty, disease, and discrimination placed in a child's path. UNICEF works in 190 countries through country programs and National Committees.

SAVE THE CHILDREN is the leading independent organization dedicated to improving the lives of 
children in disaster-stricken areas by providing food, medical care and education.


  1. I was reminded yet again of the strengths of Japanese culture when I heard about the elders who have volunteered to work in the damaged Fukushima plants.

  2. When tragedy happens far away most of us do forget and are unaware of what is still ongoing with survival for all the people who are living there. I often wonder about Haiti...rebuilding a life, rebuilding a community takes so much time, effort, money...

    These kids were so cute...

  3. Sorry you are still feeling sick! I agree that we have forgotten Japan and it is sad; especially in light of recent topic on the news. Yuck!



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