Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Erika, Claire, Andrea, Heather, Sally, Jennifer, Sara, Suzy, Jeneva, Ken, SingleDad, Erik, Phil, Robert, Noan, Big Daddy, and all of you who have private blog names

hell -- all of you caring for a child, a parent, yourself -- well -- I guess that's everyone. Meet me here:

Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

So, it's probably a medical marijuana dispensary, but the drinks are on me.

Another view -- and then I had to jump in the car and flee because I was illegally parked and the traffic controller pulled up. Love that -- almost got a ticket in front of the pot store!


  1. I am SO reminded of the exchange from Field of Dreams, which, for obvious reasons, is one of my all-time favorite films...

    John Kinsella: Is this heaven?
    Ray Kinsella: It's Iowa.
    John Kinsella: Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven.

    [John starts to walk away]

    Ray Kinsella: Is there a heaven?
    John Kinsella: Oh yeah. It's the place where dreams come true.

    [Ray looks around, seeing his wife playing with their daughter on the porch]

    Ray Kinsella: Maybe this is heaven.

    I'd feel that way in the Medical Marijuana store if I had a card.

  2. I'm there.

    It's funny I had to snap a picture of a med marijuana store called Re-Leaf.

    Great minds have the same sense of humor!

  3. I will be there in an hour. Second round is on me. And there *will* be a second round!!

  4. Without traffic,under an hour,for sure...

    If only it were that simple,uh?And, what a crew we would be,the whole lot of us,in once place... awesome.

  5. I'll take a drink but no pot for me thanks!

  6. Let me see ... I could fly to LA using frequent flier points, my daughter is doing an summer internship with Enterprise, that should get me a deal on a rental car, I've got enough mental health issues that I am sure I could secure a medical marijuana card.

    Count me in.

  7. I'm coming, just let me strap on this jet pack, and find the "off" switch on my robo-kids....

  8. The last time I was in California was 1976 when I lived there for over five years. Has much changed since then?
    Thanks for the invite, I'll let you know when I can make it (not if).

  9. hahaha, i'm there! am i late?

  10. I'm so in! I have enough fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc to qualify for a card for sure. :)

  11. At this moment I am still unsure why I have not gone into a certain someone's stash. I just keep thinking it is for her, not me...but damn!

  12. My child aspires to move to your fair state and secure himself a medical card. Hmmmmm.

    I love the concept of caregivers lounge.



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