Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In lieu of an inspired post,

I'll direct you to an article in The New York Times that strikes fear into the heart of those of us who parent and love a person with developmental disabilities.

Steel yourself.


  1. When I was doing my nursing clinicals, I spent some time in the state-run mental facility near here. This was quite a few years back but I seriously doubt anything has changed. And let me say this- that article does not surprise me in the least.
    It is heartbreaking how our most vulnerable citizens are treated. We, as a culture, have a long way to go before we can even begin to call ourselves civilized.

  2. I read it.. and watched the video.
    Does that honour the tragedy in some way.. I hope so .

    I feel so much shame for what humans are capable of .

    The part where J reaches out to touch his father's face when he's riding the horse... that gives me hope.

    love to you, Elizabeth.

  3. I’m not surprised. Saddened, yes. Horrified, absolutely. But not surprised.

    The work of caring for the severely disabled is often back-breaking, and mind-numbing. I have no doubt the burnout rate for skilled workers who are well-educated and have other job options is staggeringly high. How many of us reading this blog willingly chose a career working with severely disabled children or adults?

    If you have someone who is kind and skilled working with your child, maybe one of the most powerful responses to this article would be to continue to treat that person with enormous amounts of gratitude and respect.

    We’ve got to do whatever we can to keep those people working with our most vulnerable children.

  4. Can you imagine a world where the government would give you 1.4 million a year to care for Sophie? You could hire your own part-time or full-time caretaker to assist you with her care.
    The abusers outlined in the article are criminals. Yay for the whistle-blowers.

    And now, all of my problems are small ones.

    Love to you and your family.

  5. Heartbreaking and tragic.

    I am glad Sophie is with her family, that she has you.

  6. This makes me so sick and sad. I couldn't get through the whole article either. Just too heartbreaking.

  7. Feeling a bit fragile today; I probably can't afford to look.
    I can extrapolate from other commenters' remarks well enough. Nothing will change without truly competitive salary rates and excellent working conditions and training. If things are better in Switzerland, that's why.

  8. Horrible. Horrible horrible horrible.

  9. Bravo to the employee who was courageous enough to speak out (and tape her conversation with her supervisors). And bravo to you for passing this along. This is the only way change can happen.

    I'm sending love and light to those individuals and families everywhere who are suffering this kind of abuse.

  10. Is this not a crisis that is at least equal to or greater than the recent natural disasters, where federal aide rains down and all manner of experts are sent in to save human lives? Why wouldn't the same kind of SWAT team vigilance apply here? And if nothing else -- if you take the human tragedy out of it -- why in the world would it be ok with our federal government that the $1.8 million PER PERSON they are funding is being so fantastically mishandled.

    If this is not a crisis, an emergency, I honestly don't know what is. Now I'm going to go pray for the continued good help of me and everyone in my family, and you and everyone in your family.

  11. This article gave me a few more reasons why I find myself unable to understand life.

    Love to you and yours, Elizabeth.

  12. i sort of want to crawl into a hole myself, after reading that article.

  13. fuck.
    I have no other words.

  14. [days later..] sorry about the swearing. I emailed a link to this to my family & in laws with an empassioned note because even though we have a SN trust & will in place you never know... (Almost total) silence. That cut. Not even a light-hearted "don't be silly". I don't think it was lack of love/affecion since they all dote on my girl, I just don't think they worry about such things.



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