Friday, June 3, 2011

Looking for a Sugar Daddy (or Mama)

to send me here on my birthday, August 27th. Do any Sugar Daddies read this blog? I'm not proud, as you can see.


  1. Wow that would be a lovely trip! Have you ever been to the Cotswolds? We were there years ago and oh was it an enchanting area. Someday I will go back...

    Let's see how you could get there...somehow...some way? Sugar Daddy where are you?

  2. I'd send you, if I had the Sugar...or the Daddy. Alas, I have neither, so I can be of no service.

    Need a fart joke?

  3. I lived a short drive from the Cotswolds in 92-94 and am still pissed that I didn't spend a ton of time there. So beautiful.

    Definitely worthy of having a sugar daddy or mama. Really, whatever it takes. :-)

  4. My dream trip for about the last 20 yrs is a trip to the cotswalds. They have walking tours that go on for days, tromping through pastures and then stopping at pubs .... I hope you get to go, even if I will be totally jealous :)

  5. Sounds heavenly.

    I think it is good to put your dreams out there. Say them out loud. Fling them out into the realm of possibility.

  6. Hoping, hoping, hoping for you! Can you apply for a scholarship?

  7. Karen - They don't have scholarships! And I have to say that it almost hurts I want to go so badly!

    Noan - I said that when I turned fifty (2014) I wanted to go to England, Scotland and Ireland and see where all the poets lived. So it is a DREAM trip --

    Kimmie -- Sadly, I imagine I'll have to keep dreaming about it!

    formerlyonlyamovie - I'd totally sell my soul for this trip :)

    blogzilly - I know you would. And no thank you for the fart jokes.

    Ellen - I wish!

  8. There is a coffe place not far from where I lives that offers a coffee drink called a sugar daddy. Probably half the reason I order is just so I can say I want a single sugar daddy. ;)

  9. I completely believe in putting our dreams out there in some form, giving them voice. It cannot possibly hurt and may very well make them come true. I hope yours do.

  10. So sorry I can't send you the dough - but I do believe that sharing your dreams can be the first step in manifesting them.

  11. If I was wealthy I would send you and come and stay with Sophie.



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