Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mothers of Intention and a Giveaway

Yes, we all have intentions -- good ones, bad ones, religious ones, political ones. I have my fair share, and of late, they haven't been political in the least. Anyone who has visited this blog with any regularity knows that periodically, the political me rears up its very loud head with the sharp as a scythe tongue and words fly. I don't hesitate from declaring myself a liberal Democrat and a woman pretty seriously conflicted on what it means to be "American." Patriotic, I'm not. During the last six months or so, my interest in politics has largely dwindled to the occasional glance at the headlines of our daily newspaper and a cursory look at Huffington Post and Salon. If I read anything of length or substance, it's in The New Yorker and maybe The Atlantic. I've stopped visiting conservative blogs because they make me queasy, literally, particularly the comments from the Republican faithful. I get no pleasure in keeping up with the perverse transgressions of our congressional or senatorial leaders, and the second I see one of those infidelity/porn/prostitute announcements, I click off and over. I'm not sure whether or not it's cynical, but my faith in the way our country is governed has dropped precipitously. I genuinely believe that money rules everything in politics (and perhaps everything else American) and that I don't have a chance of impacting that in any way. I think it's bullshit that the country is broke and that we all must make sacrifices to make it more productive, believing rather that those with the most money have the most influence and will, therefore, get the most benefits. I'm resigned to this and have decided that the best I can do is work diligently in my little circle for those that are most vulnerable and for those that I happen to know a bit about -- the disabled, in particular. I learned during the last grueling election cycle NOT to talk politics or even any substantial beliefs with my conservative parents, and that's worked out just fine. I'm currently not listening to anything regarding the election next year and assiduously turn my eye away from anything regarding that circus group of Republican contenders. I'll raise my eyebrows with interest as New York passes the gay marriage bill and scowl at Georgia's draconian immigration bills, but I'm not wasting my time yakking about it.

Which brings me to this -- a book has been published that is not about yakking but actually thoughtfully and brilliantly discusses the role of women, social media and blogging in politics and policy-making.

Joanne Bamberger of PunditMom recently published Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America. The book features a blog post/essay that I wrote when the Tea Party began its assault on healthcare reform, when the air in the country was so toxic that it spilled over into my relationship with family. I am honored to have been included in this book, which, I should add is inclusive of many different viewpoints and political persuasions. Here's a brief excerpt from a press release:

From her vantage point in the nation’s capitol, Joanne Bamberger–political and media strategist/analyst, author, and recovering attorney known around the blogosphere as PunditMom– reveals the powerful impact social media tools have had in amplifying female voices in American politics today.
Born out of women’s writings on websites and blogs,Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America examines the rise of the motherhood political movement and how women have become a larger, more powerful presence in political activism.  Women make up the majority of online users and utilize the Internet more effectively than men overall. As a result, they are rapidly growing in political influence.
In the first book to describe this new political idiom, Bamberger traces and analyzes the ever-growing trend, and incorporates powerful essays by notable female commentators including: Pulitzer Prize winner Connie Schultz, Mom-101’s Liz Gumbinner, Veronica Arreola of Viva la Feminista, Jaelithe Judy of MOMocrats and MomsRising’s Lisa Frack, among others.
Mothers of Intention debunks the commonly held notion that motherhood renders women mute when it comes to public policy and electoral politics. With the authority of a veteran political commentator, Bamberger documents the emergence of a collective female voice in politics. Describing today’s complex political scene with humor, intelligence and humility, and explaining what it means to be a mother within it, Mothers of Intention provides a perspective that often eludes works of social commentary authored by a single individual.
An important coda to the last presidential election and the essential gender issues it raised,Mothers of Intention is must reading for anyone wanting to understand what motivates women in the political arena or looking to get a vote in the next election.

So, I am happy to offer a copy of the book -- a beautiful hardback -- to anyone who leaves a comment here. Let me know if you consider yourself political or not. I encourage you to go to my sidebar as well and click there to order one -- that's in case you don't win a copy! I can assure you that the book is a great read, filled with interesting, smart commentary and opinion by both Joanne and the writers she's included.
Leave a comment.
Tell me your secrets. 
Tell me no lies. 
Just don't tell me any smut about politicians.


  1. E - I'm with you all the way on this, including your ennui with political news, with one exception: I adore Bill Maher.

  2. I'm hoping that all those working in the small areas of need will, soon, become cohesive enough to make a noise--then a louder noise until it's heard resoundingly and acted upon. It has happened before. I think it can happen again.


  3. You don't have to put me in the drawing to win a copy. I want to buy it! And will. Congrats on getting published in such a interesting book. I have such respect and admiration for both you and your writing.

  4. Wow - congratulations to you Elizabeth. You are an excellent example of an informed woman at home using social media in a powerful way. I have to buy a copy of this book!

    And I take now pleasure in the transgressions of politicians either, but I do like me some Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and will laugh uproariously at said transgressions on those shows.

  5. Liberal democrat here. My fifteen yo daughter and I were just talking the other day about how patriotism is taken to such a nutty level by some. I'm trying to raise her to question everything, especially the things that we're told not to question. (And to definitely not take my word on stuff unless she's put her own brain to work on it first.) The book looks very good. I'll have to venture over to Amazon to check it out!

  6. Thank you for this. I haven't even typed a word for way too long, and just this moment decided to check on my favorite blogs, and your post brought me to my knees. Well said, I want to say that's what I say, but I haven't. You did.

    I'm political. Breathing is a political act, like having a child is, raising a child, advocating for a child. It's a political act to be female, and to say no to the drivel of divisionary politics. It's political to declare one's self a spiritual being, to say no to religion, to say yes to sharing humanity, humility and the global state of affairs.

    Thank you, Ms. Elizabeth.

  7. Well, you know how I feel. I do well to read my New Yorkers, Huffington Post gets my eyes sometimes. I scan my local paper.
    I think I have just given up and as sad as that is, I have no fire for it any more. Let me take care of what I need to take care of and it's enough. I see what's going on with our government and I despair. I have enough despair as it is.
    Bless you, always, Elizabeth, for keeping the flame alive in your soul.

  8. I haven't seen any of the blogs mentioned in the blurb (what strange words, blogs & blurbs) but find it interesting (guess it's not surprising) that such a vast majority of bloggers are women, and that this book, unless I'm taking the title too literally, is about the viewpoints not of women per se but of mothers, specifically. In terms of current sociopolitical dynamics, that makes me think immediately of the marketing/branding strategies of Sarah Palin, of course! Congratulations, E!

  9. I never leave comments for giveaways, but this one, I couldn't resist, especially since you are included in the book, and especially since your ennui with the current state of governance and politics mirrors mine in EVERY detail. However, my inattention aside, I have already 98 percent decided that I am voting for Obama again. And I know when the primaries get going in earnest, I will be galvanized. I'm saving my energy till then.

  10. Wonderful you were included in that book.

  11. I love that you have work in so many varied publications! Congratulations!

    As for me, I am an unabashed bleeding-heart liberal who is also very apolitical in practice. I vote and, when in "safe" company, I can rant with the best of them, but I don't go out of my way to educate myself with the details or minutae of the beaurocratic workings of our government. I believe in measuring worth by things other than financial means and ensuring that each and every individual be given opportunities to better themselves. The stuff that passes for "work" in the political arena makes me quite literally ill in its uselessness.

    I adore the notion that women who truly care and have different perspectives can make a difference.

  12. Preaching to the choir sister, your voice of reason needs to have a venue in this time of unreason. Would love to read a copy but I'll buy my own :) I'll go check out your sidebar now...ship to Australia where compassion seems to get just as sidetracked in the noise of partisanship in the U.S.; you would be shocked at what passes for immigration policy down under.

  13. "work diligently in my little circle for those that are most vulnerable and for those that I happen to know a bit about..."

    On handing over foundation responsibilities to his kids, Warren Buffet told them to find one cause that they were passionate about, and focus on that. It is better to make a larger impact in one arena, than to barely make a ripple in many. Bravo on finding your cause.

    My news comes from ProPublica, Reporters sans frontières, Al Jazeera, BBC and Economist. AndRussia Today once in awhile for kicks. Reading diverse points of view helps me to keep perspective.

  14. Congratulations on being published! I'm so proud of you.

    I am not political, having been exposed to political arguments all my life. I care deeply about our world. It's about brotherhood, sisterhood, or "neighbors," to me. You might call me a spiritual humanist. I believe in the sacredness of creation, I believe there is a sort of fluid design in place, and a Designer. I believe we participate in that, and we have the opportunity to make things better, as you said, in our own corner of the world.

    I think that politicians are mostly corrupt, and addicted to power, nowadays. I do not admire that, and it makes me sad, so I tend to watch their antics through squinted eyes - don't look too closely.

    I miss the concept of "public service," or indeed, any kind of service, other than self-service. It's just not being taught - or practiced - very much these days, as far as I can see. I'm not sure there is any lasting happiness in this life, other than in love & service to others.

    You always make me think...thank you! xoxox

  15. The book is already in queue on my Amazon shopping list. I have two weeks on the beach next month and your essay might end up tattered and sandy, but it will be read.

  16. Thank you so much for allowing me to include your great essay in the book! It was such a labor of love for me, not only to do the research and writing to prove to the world that women online are the new political group to be reckoned with, but also to showcase the writing of so many amazing women.

    For the winner of the contest, and those who buy the book, thank you so much and I really hope you enjoy it!

    Joanne aka PunditMom :)

  17. Congratulations, Elizabeth. What an honor to be included.



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