Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One-Act Play

Setting: Urban neighborhood, Los Angeles, after school, early June

Weather: Breezy, blue skies, sunny and seventy degrees

Players: Group of boys, aged ten to twelve, one with one broken arm, all dirty

Racial Makeup: three white, two Asian, one African-American

Props: a large cardboard box, plastic guns, lacrosse sticks, orange cones

Boys run around screaming incredibly loudly until Mother steps outside and screams,

Stop screaming!

Woman turns around to go inside.

Boys start running around screaming.

Brown UPS truck drives down street. Boys run alongside it, shooting fake bullets at driver. Driver, a young man, obliges with fake shooting sounds and his hand in a fake gun pose.

Mother goes inside and shuts door and windows.


  1. Ha! This is the stuff you're going to miss! That photo is just classic.

  2. This was my neighnourhood growing up! It was crazy and it was so much FUN! I loved it!

  3. About40 miles north of you plays out a scene very similar to this,each and everyday.Throw in a few girls and you would have the daily antics around these parts.Oh add to the mix,a little wee one, scooting on her little bottom,wishing ever so much she could keep up with the craziness.As for the screaming ...use to be me till we moved to a cul-de-sac,now the noise is just far enough away but I can still keep an eye on them!

  4. i just read this again, to my husband (because it makes me smile.) i love the UPS driver part...

  5. I felt someone staring at me the other day as I was bending over weeding. I looked up and it was the boys next door aiming at my butt with bee bee guns. I can't even spell it correctly. Damned Y chromosome.



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