Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ironic Sign of the Day

These letters were on the wall of the Neurology Clinic where Sophie and I spent much of the late afternoon. While the letters were actually an acronym for an organization touting its donations toward research and cures, such is my jaded view of the dark world of neurology that I believe any conquests made have been more in line with Monty Python's Grail than Arthur's.


  1. that must have been a long afternoon. unfortunately, i feel about the same way when it comes to research relating to adhesion disease. i'd love to think someone was getting somewhere, but so far it's just the same old cut cut cut until they can't cut any more, and the adhesions keep growing back.

  2. Sort of goes with your "dominion" word or the day.
    But I still think THAT one is just a poor translation ...



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