Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's been more than three years since I started this blog, and I've written 1,533 posts. This might very possibly be the first time that I have literally nothing to say.

Well, maybe something.

When my son Oliver was nearing the age of two, he was outrageously awful -- and funny. His favorite expression at the time was

I hate everything and everybody.

I'm feeling a bit like that these days.




  1. I just laughed out loud at a cartoon. I will send it to you on fb. xoxoxo

  2. That is quite something to say. I too have days like these, and mostly they pass.

  3. Been there. Rode it out. Been back. Rode it out.

    Happy trails!


  4. Well today, as you know, is my birthday,so I made sure it was a good day. Put my mind to it and made it happen.

    As for other days, well, I TOTALLY get it.

    By the way, my private blog, which is super neglected, it's name : Lifeline.

    Crazy, uh?

  5. Sounds exactly like Aidan when he was two. I have several photos of him with the same expression!

  6. Tomorrow is another day. It's not much, but it's all I've got and most of the time, it works!

  7. "Try and Praise the Mutilated World" by Adam Zagajewski.Iknow the place you're in. Sending you a mental postcard that says, instead of "wish you were here", "wish you weren't there". Sending you love.

  8. That place sucks, and I'm sorry you're there. xo

  9. Oh yeah. I have more days like that than I wish. Ride the wave. (???what asshole did I pull that from!?)

  10. A little Jon Stewart followed by a little Steven Colbert followed by a little SNL? Usually does it for me. x

  11. I'm familiar with that territory... Today I'm starting my day with some Van Morrison. It's doing the trick.

  12. We are going through some tough times right now too and I've realized how many people I know have gone through something similar...so you are not alone.

  13. Feelin' it lots of times, though I often flip it.

  14. It is impossible for me to spend much time here - XKCD and remain unsmiling, at least. Of course, I'm known to be somewhat geeky. (Note: you can also just start with this one to be assured of at least a knowing smile)

  15. I am so late to this party. I'm sorry. I'm hoping that you're feeling a bit more cheerful by now. I really have nothing to offer except to maybe watch the Blues Brothers movie? That always makes me laugh and want to dance.
    The original, of course.

  16. I am so sorry to hear you're feeling blue.

    I suppose we all scramble to find our lifeline on such days. Me, I exercise because it calms me down and cheers me up. And that amazes me every single time it happens. I then indulge in some shameless gossip with my girlfriends, which also surprisingly brings me great joy. Then I pull out the journal that my sister has sworn to burn if I should ever die an untimely and sudden death and I write, write, write about all those people or situations that are just making my life a living hell. It can take awhile, but eventually I write myself a kinder, gentler, more sane story.

    Thinking of you, Elizabeth. Hoping your lifeline appears soon.

  17. I am with Noan - find someone to go for a walk with on a sunny, crisp day (do you get those down there?) and just talk. Vent. Gossip. Verbally vomit. Rinse and repeat. The powerful combination of nature and walking and friendship generally proves soothing.

    Sending love and light.

  18. I have a particular task that falls on most mothers that I do not embrace. I need to clean out our basement of outgrown toys and various other memories that have "built up" over the years. I told my ten year old daughter that I was going to "attack" the basement this week. He response to me was "don't be too hard on yourself mom" I send her words on to you today.

  19. Here is your lifeline...ready to grab hold of it...???

    People look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I go to daily mass. But the reason I started going everyday? Because I was feeling just like you feel, ALL OF THE TIME. And I could not be the kind of mother, or a wife, a sister or friend, feeling that way. I knew I was meant for so much more that.

    I think it is good that you have nothing to say.
    You know me...I never shut up.
    Problem with that is, when we are always talking, how can we hear what is truly inside of our hearts?
    So every morning, I sit in church, and instead of talking, I listen.
    Unless I am distracted..then I plan my grocery list.
    But mostly, I listen.

    Embrace this moment.
    Find a quiet church..or bookstore...or coffee shop...or bedroom....where ever you feel comfortable and can be totally silent.
    For ten minutes.
    Just Be Still.
    Know you are not alone.

    I wish I were down the street from you still.
    Because if taking a quiet moment doesn't help. I could come over with hummus and pita chips and a bottle of wine and we could make fun of everybody.
    Sometimes that helps too :-)

    love you E
    offering up my day for you...xo

  20. I sometimes hate everything and everybody as well! But not today, it is a beauty and I will enjoy it. I hope you feel better and can enjoy yours as well. The difference is, you are in So. CA and you always have beautiful days!

  21. i say that regularly. The scary thing is now Steve is starting to say it with me. We were gong to go out to dinner one day last week but we decided we didn't like anybody, so we bought burritos and ate on the back deck. It was divine. The next day I liked people again.

  22. I love that and yes, I feel like that at times as well. That's the thing about small children, that tell us straight up how they feel. They don't filter. That's why they're so cool.

  23. i've been having some days like this, myself, lately (not today.) i'm sorry i wasn't here to read this and offer a word of comfort or encouragement (but perhaps i was not needed, as others have done that so well.)

    yesterday i watched old episodes of 3rd rock from the sun with my daughter and we laughed like crazy. that helped - just laughing about silliness and not thinking.

    i know these times pass, but they are awfully dark while they last... hoping for brighter tomorrows for you and yours, always.

  24. Sorry, I was behind on my reading. Hope you were able to watch Stewart & the Blues Bros in the quiet coffee shop and laugh - excellent suggestions, all, but I would have added chocolate & wine -and that your sun has again risen. Suns are wont to do that...eventually.



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