Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Keyword Analysis

Every now and then it's fun to see what keywords people use to land on my blog. The page that always gets the most hits is titled "Big Guns." I have a vintage photo of a man holding an enormous gun at the top of the post, (see above) but the post itself is about starting Sophie on a new seizure medication. The folks searching for Big Guns are nearly all American. Either they're weirdos, like me, or they're weirdo gun-lovers.

Today, my favorite keywords were:

depressed lady laying in a bed looking at wallpaper

The tone of the blog, of late, is pretty


so down that I appear to be attracting people looking for supine women -- Kate Chopin style. Wasn't there a short story about a woman going slowly mad in a room looking at her wallpaper?

Anyhoo, as some people say.

Saturday has dawned gray and sort of chilly, but that's not getting me down. I'm going for a walk with the dog and anyone else who wants to come along. I have a party to go to tonight with all my closest friends. I have you, Reader, and all your sweet words of concern, jokes and wise advice. 

Thank you for that.


  1. I'm so grateful that you're going for a walk, and have that party today. Every little bit helps. Sending love & holding you in my heart.

  2. it's so important to not pretend gaiety when one is feeling down. i am glad you are processing here. we're with you. we know down. and up. and everything in between.

    and we love you so much. i do.

  3. Strange, my google keyword on many, many occasions was "handicapped penguin" ?? Haven't quite figures that out....

  4. "How to get an ass like Jennifer Lopez" still brings 'em to my blog. Haha! Boy, are they disappointed when they get there.
    I'm hoping this is all temporary, love. That the down-ness will pass. Enjoy your party.
    Loving you...Mary

  5. My most common word is "tracheotomy", all of which are from India and Sri lanka.

  6. My most common key word on one of my blogs is "zentangles" and on the other one it's "perspective" and on the other one it's "potatoes." BORING.

    Maybe I should write a post about guns :)

    I actually never looked for that stat before.

    Try not to say anyhoo too much. It's ok once in a while :)

    Enjoy your walk. Breathe deep.

  7. How odd is it that "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is one of my all-time favorite short stories?

    When I don't stop by here for a couple days I miss so much. Hope the party lifted you.

  8. "yellow wallpaper," indeed. you DO make me laugh - and somehow i don't perceive your blog as a downer - just honest. (i am occasionally stricken "supine" by my illness, but the only wallpaper i have to stare at is the pinkish faux-sponge painted wallpaper in my kitchen. it DOES make me feel slightly crazy, but only because i hate it so much...)

  9. Hope the party was fun & that you are climbing up.



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