Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday church signage

To all my readers who hate politics, I apologize. I just couldn't resist.
Happy Sunday.


  1. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Also, The St. Catherine Episcopal Church.

  2. That is just hilarious!! But I am truly astounded that a church would put up such a sign! That would never happen around here. Too funny. (word verification: corker)

  3. I don't hate politics. I hate politicians! That church is certainly not in the south!!


  4. And just how do you join this church?

  5. i've been reading your site for a few months, and i hate that this comment is my "hi" comment.. because i really enjoy what you write and how you approach your life. i don't know if it is amazing, but it's honest, and frankly, i think the world needs more honesty in the way you deliver it.

    but this sign. i think it's offensive. i think it stigmatizes people with mental illnesses. we can look at this and laugh, but what's really happening is that whoever wrote this (it's not a message that was *actually* on a church sign, please go to the website at the bottom of the image) is using mental illness as a joke, as a way to blow someone off. that happens too much. it's rude and hurtful. i have a few friends with pretty severe mental illnesses - kind, thoughtful, wonderful, amazing friends - people who's chosen life work includes social work and hiv non-profit work. statements like this, well, it keeps people like my friends in the closet, fearful of what would happen if anyone found out about them. *sigh*

    i'll shut up now. i'm sorry that this was my intro. i'm actually a pretty nice person.

  6. Brooke -- Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I understand your sensitivity and as a mother of a child with disabilities, I, too, am particularly sensitive to those who use the word "retard" as a joke. I also actually have a sister who struggles mightily with a mental illness and have to disagree that statements like the one pictured on the sign do much to stigmatize mental illness. I think, too, that nearly all my friends, at one time or another have taken medication to control or help them to deal with various mental health issues and while some may be sensitive to this sort of joke, nearly all have the capacity to stand up for themselves and object if it's something that deeply affects them. I will ponder your words a bit and pass them along, too. Again, thanks for the comment.

  7. I hope someone shows him this sign, but I'm afraid he might not "get it."

  8. As one whose chemistry needs pharmaceutical support, I still think there is truly delusional, manipulative bad craziness out there and too much of it passes for virtue. I always feel better when other people notice.

  9. Please people, stop believing everything you see on the internet. The sign in question was created using the site, "Church Sign Maker," using sign number 11. it is a fake. I have no problem with people debating using facts, but introducing fake "facts" is reprehensible.

    1. Anonymous: You're a bit late to the "game." I think most of us are aware that these signs are photo-shopped and while I appreciate your warning to not believe everything on the internet, you're far too serious. Two years later, Rick Perry appears to still be making asinine remarks.



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