Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weird September

I've woken up literally every morning this summer, here in Los Angeles, and walked outside to the usual glorious weather -- sunny, clear skies, a bit of a cool breeze, temperatures near seventy degrees, no humidity. And every morning -- in fact, throughout the day, I've either remarked to someone or said in my head how utterly fantastic the weather is. How beautiful. How perfect. How grateful I am for it. How fortunate we are. This morning I opened the door and was greeted by a blast of humid heat. The skies were a bit gray, yellow, really, and the breeze was hot. And the air was weird -- both still and stifled and rippling through the palms. I felt uneasy, unsettled. Earthquake weather, is what the neighbor said, and I nodded as I leaned over and picked up our paper. Sophie had just had a seizure and was her post-ictal clammy self and despite the fact that she has seizures nearly every day, multiple times a day, I worried that it was indeed earthquake weather and that the strange barometric pressure or whatever you call it was affecting her, too.

I'm still unsettled. Anxious, looking up into the sky and down to the ground.


  1. Wow. We just traded weather. I woke up this morning to temps in the low seventies and no humidity. It's such a relief. Such a break.
    I know that anxiety, honey. For us, it is hurricane weather. I hope the earth stays where it belongs for you.

  2. It's truly remarkable the deeply unconscious effect that rapid changes in barometric pressure have on our sensitive children....it's like they are somehow attuned with Nature.

  3. Last night seemed even weirder here in the San Gabriel Valley. It got hot and still around twilight--and it was yellow. There were a couple of Santa Ana-like gusts. I went for a walk in the park and looked at all the happy stuffed picnic-ers. It was ominous. Like something bad was going to happen and they were clueless.

  4. I remember earthquake weather. The birds get quiet too. Hope it's not really that. Be safe.

  5. I understand just what you mean by "earthquake weather". I do associate it with earthquakes that were big and how the day felt and that feeling happens every year.

  6. Does that weather have any relationship to the Santa Ana wind? I've heard all kinds of rumors/tales about the Santa Ana.

  7. At the core, we're elements. And so is weather, elements in motion. Affects everyone, everywhere on the surface.

    Your weather sounds more like tropical storm than earthquake to me. Storms aren't always bad...maybe you'll get rain.

    The thing we always say to ourselves here in desiccated Texas, this won't last forever. Best thing and worst thing in life.

    Hope you feel better quickly.

  8. I know that sense of barometric pressure changing...

    But earthquake weather? Yikes.

    Hope Sophie is doing ok today.

  9. "Earthquake weather" is a myth. Any geologist will tell you that there is no connection between earthquakes and certain types of weather phenomena. Earthquakes occur in all types of weather in all different climates.

  10. Hugs to you and to beautiful Sophie. I remember feeling a big old POP deep in my core right before an earthquake (we used to live in Alaska). I both don't miss and miss that connection with the earth.

    Your words, by the way? Are totally gorgeous. I'm swooning over the way you write.



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