Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wit and Wisdom Giveaway!

The book is out! I got several copies in the mail yesterday, and I want to give away two! Please leave a comment that is either witty or wise or both. I know my readers, and I know that you are all capable of both -- and more.

Just so you know, my own essay is entitled Our Lives are Shit, except that due to the no-swear words rule, the word Shit is written with those funny symbols. It still works, I think,  and the rest of the essays are wonderful, too.

I'll pick a winner next Friday, so start leaving those comments!

Order a copy HERE.


  1. Drat, for a moment I thought you were actually giving away some wit and wisdom. I have need of both! However, I'd love to have the book. I don't have special needs kids but I was one.


  2. I already have 4 copies (in it too, :) and I didn't realize you were! Just got my copies today, and am HOPING to get to reading tonight after I get J-man to bed! Soooooo excited to see you in it!

  3. Anxious to read it, but I just ordered a copy from Amazon.....

  4. I'm so excited to read this book. I really think teachers need to read this and do more to understand and honor the parent's point of view. I've been thinking a lot this week about the parent perspective that lots of teachers (special needs and otherwise, as well as other providers) just. don't. get.

    (I've had it with other providers this week - for my son and for my students.)

    Happy Friday, Elizabeth. :-)

  5. This is so wonderful, Elizabeth.

    Wit. Can't think of anything. Just read Elizabeth's blog, you'll get plenty.
    Wisdom: “It is love that holds everything together.
    And it is the everything also.”-Rumi
    But that's not mine. It's Rumi's.
    Here's mine. Grace often comes unexpectedly. IMHO.

  6. Too tired for wit or wisdom tonight. Maybe I'll try in the morning:)

  7. every man, woman, rich or poor, regardless of race or class she be
    a special ed teacher or a paraprofessional in special ed for
    two [or more] years of their life.

    - you will learn compassion,
    you will become forever thankful
    your creativity will be increased and you will admire and be in awe
    of these deceptively strong special

  8. I have no wit and no wisdom this morning. But I love you.

  9. A good night's sleep does wonders for us all.

  10. My mother always says I should be a writer. Neither will occur unless I can figure out how to get my words into books like that or stop getting stuck so long in these valleys so that I can keep my blog up to date.

    So where can I buy the fuckin' thing?

  11. Congratulations! To hold that book in your hands...well, the excitement has got to be so great - I can feel it all the way up here! xoxoxo

  12. how did i miss this entirely? I had no idea you were even going to be in a book!!! this is awesome Elizabeth!!!

    um..that was not wise or witty!

  13. Oh S%@*! Did i miss the D@^&ed deadline? F#@*! I really wanted to win.

  14. I love this post! Ah, yes, the 70s...mine had black and white striped wallpaper with red carpet...gah...

  15. Oops...this comment was meant for the post above...but you knew that...



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