Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Applying for SSI, Day Two

I'm not boring you, am I? I thought I'd make this milestone -- applying for Social Security Income for my disabled now eighteen year old daughter  -- more like a game and therefore not only educate you in the finer navigational arts of the disability world but amuse you, too. The photo of me is right after I had my eyes dilated this morning in an annual eye exam. I forgot to bring my sunglasses, so the doctor gave me that nifty pair that I wore for pretty much the entire morning and well into the afternoon. My eyes are dark, very dark, and at this 3 pm writing, they're still a tad dilated, and it's uncomfortable to look outside or even to read. I chose to use my time wisely, though, and work a bit more on the online application and make another call to the Social Security office. As I explained yesterday, I was on hold for nearly fifteen minutes and then quite suddenly disconnected. One moment I was listening to Neil Sedaka and the next just silence. The Neil Sedaka made me wonder if perhaps I'd stepped into some sort of time warp and had actually made the call in 1975 and was still on hold. Today, I dialed the number and nimbly made my way through the labyrinth and was then politely told by the machine to call back at a later time. There was no hold time, no Neil Sedaka, no love will keep us together. I waited five minutes and did the same and was told the same. Not even a think of me babe whenever, some sweet talkin guy comes around.

I forgot to tell you that earlier, as I made my home through my urban neighborhood, squinting through my sexy, curled sunglasses, I thought about the concept of dilation -- how eyes dilate in darkness to let in more light and then contract to protect the eye from too much of it. I thought, though, how the pupil grows larger and darker when light is needed and shrinks to a tiny pinprick when it's too much. Reader, do you follow me here? Does your mind grapple with such paradox on a continuous basis?

Applying for SSI, Day One


  1. You know, my sister, who's profoundly Deaf has been on and off SSI most of her adult life. I know it was a hassle, and continued to be, for her and my parents for years, and she's decided to go off SSI and attempt to make her way alone. I suspect the process reminded her too much of those yearly hearing exams she had to take as a child--to prove that yes, in fact she was STILL DEAF--in order for her to continue to receive specialized education and services. Good luck, all of you. It is indeed a labyrinth.

  2. Of course.
    If only they made glasses for that.
    Good morning, gorgeous!

  3. "....perhaps I'd stepped into some sort of time warp and had actually made the call in 1975 and was still on hold."

    And somehow you still have your humor. And your good looks.


  4. 1975, this made me laugh. Just add time traveler to your resume.

    I am wishing you all the luck in the world with this. Make sure to take care of yourself during this time.

  5. Love you and the way you look at the world.

  6. Applying for SSI for an adult child? Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt in protest!

  7. Love the photo - and your ability to find humor in everyday life.

    When I read the word "dilation," I think immediately of childbirth and "failure to dilate" - it didn't happen naturally, for me. Funny, the word-associations we have. I hadn't thought of that word for years, until you wrote it. Dilation of the eyes, of the consciousness, of the many openings and closings in response to our surroundings or experiences...

  8. Yes, my mind constantly questions paradox and tao-like principles.



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