Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter, Anthem, Manna from Heaven and Paradox

what I imagine Anthem Blue Cross headquarters to look like

Are you sitting down?
I received the following notice in my inbox this morning:

Your rates may be reduced and you could get a refund.
We have reached agreements with the California Department of Managed Healthcare and the California Department of Insurance to lower our average Individual rates. This agreement does not impact our California HIPAA and Conversion plans and policies
That means your rates may be coming down soon! We are currently recalculating the change to your medical premium and potential refund. We expect to have the new rates finished, filed and updated in our May billing cycle. This information will be provided to you soon.
If you cancelled your coverage after receiving the notice of your rate change, you will be given the chance to reactivate your Individual health benefit plan.
We value your membership. More information will be mailed to you in the coming weeks.

I was just thinking that since I left the Catholic Church, celebrating Easter seems hollow and a bit depressing. I haven't quite figured out how to celebrate its message of love renouncing death, but perhaps this email from Anthem holds the answer -- either that or bunnies really do hop around with baskets of colored eggs and chocolates.


  1. And the skeptic in me keeps reading the word "may" as being in all caps and bold. But the part of me that believes in karma feels like you will have reduced rates. I am breathing in pain and sending out golden light your way.

    As for your Easter ponderings, have you read Michelle O'Neil's Easter blog post? It may be just the thing. Brought me to tears, it did.

  2. Stupendous news! Happy Easter?

  3. Oh, let's hope.

    I feel the same way about Easter.

  4. Cheaper is nice, but will this make them more reasonable and easier to deal with? Love the photo.

  5. Ditto Kari, go read Michelle's post!

  6. Whew, you got in touch with Social Security and have an appointment to talk to them in person, AND your Anthem rates might be going down. There's definitely an Easter bunny. This is making me crave chocolate.

  7. I got that same email. I am cautiously optimistic. I hope this makes for a happy Easter for you if nothing else and I will be even happier for you than myself because I am aware of how the insurance nightmare makes everything you are dealing with so much worse. S. Jo

  8. Woo hoo! Of course, it remains to be seen what rates they'll actually calculate...but that is indeed a good sign.

  9. eee, think of easter—springtime—in its original form (one of them, anyway) as new growth, longer days, more light and warmth. xoxo

  10. It makes me think of visiting the wizard of oz .... I hope what they say "comes true." I would hate to be you and Sophie standing under that wall looking up and hoping to see a friendly face pop out over the edge.



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