Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jock Talk, Part 3,459,213

Henry's lacrosse season is over, and Oliver's basketball nearly so, but baseball season has begun, and yesterday I went shopping for gear with Oliver. Both boys are catchers and require the requisite baseball gear and then about a million dollars worth of catcher protection crap. Henry and I had gone last week, but I'd forgotten to purchase a few things for him, so when we got home, Oliver quickly separated his stuff from Henry's. He held up two identical boxes that housed jock straps, one an adult small and the other an adult medium. They were both priced $5.99.

If one is bigger than the other, why do they both cost the same? Oliver asked.

Well, it's probably only a bit more material, I said.

That's stupid, Oliver said.

Well, maybe they're ripping you off for the small one, I suggested, and was interrupted.

Yeah, and maybe you're getting a good deal if you've got a big _______.

Reader, I'll let you fill in that blank but know that I burst out laughing with Oliver when he said it.


  1. Ai, yai, yai! Thank God for humor! And thank God that those vital pieces of equipment (I mean the jock strap...) are inexpensive, cuz you can't just go without one!

  2. Ha! I wish I'd been there. You know I do.

  3. I love both these recent stories of you and your family. What a wonderful family to be a party of.

  4. I love having sons who say funny things, and I love that yours do too!

  5. If you're up to it, explain that it's the same deal with women's bras! Cup A or D, same price!

  6. That puts me in a time warp back to growing up with brothers .... Hilarious!



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