Friday, March 15, 2013

Poinsettia Tree

I actually hate poinsettias and force myself to buy them at Christmas, putting one small plant on either side of my front door at the behest of my children who insist. As soon as the holiday is over, though, I chunk them in the trash. I actually don't care much for red flowers in general, but I gasped when I rounded the corner this afternoon on my street and saw this poinsettia in full bloom in someone's yard. The red heralded not just the weekend but the fact that eggshells had clogged up the sink and not tree roots.


  1. you have surely been saved from tree root hell

  2. That's a poinsettia?! The bracts are so much smaller than what I normally see. Maybe that's what they're really supposed to look like, before the horticulturists got ahold of their genome!

  3. Oh, yay! The pic, the flowers, the blue sky and a solution for the pipes!

    Up here in the wetlands, we use our eggshells to crush up and make a barrier around our plants since the ubiquitous slugs don't like to slime their soft bellies over the sharp bits. And the shells break down and fertilize everything (if the crows and squirrels don't come steal them first).

  4. Oh my word, for real? In someone's yard? That's as good as seeing a cardinal.

    I'm glad that you live in such an extravagantly beautiful place, and thankful that you generously give us peeks at your sunny skies and winter flowers. Those are riches that delight the spirit, especially on cold and gray northern days.

  5. they look so much better wild! I scarcely recognized them as the same chirstmas potted plants sold in my shop rite!



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