Monday, April 6, 2015

It's a big world and some thoughts about THCa

Once upon a time ....***

I honestly don't have much to say these days other than the occasional rant against the machine. I'll spare you my wrath and ire today.

Sophie continues to suffer from some withdrawal symptoms, so  we've added in a few drops of THCa, having learned that it's helpful in treating seizures, and the side effects of withdrawal from benzodiazepines, etc. Here's a brief description of it, via The Leaf Online.

Found in the trichomesTetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa) is the acidic precursor to THC, which actually exists in only minute quantities in the living plant. In living cannabis, THCa is the most abundant cannabinoid and terpenoid, potentially reaching over 30% of the dry weight of any cannabis plant. Immediately after harvest, the THCa begins to be converted into THC, a process quickened by exposure to heat and sunlight. One main reason cannabis is cured is to convert the THCa into THC, as well as drying it out to make it easier to burn, thus releasing the remaining THCa as THC. Knowing about decarboxylating cannabis is crucial in making edibles, where one pre-cooks the bud  before making it into butter to raise the potency by converting THCa into THC.
Like all cannabinoids that exist in the living cannabis plant, THCa is non-psychoactive, though it still stimulates the appetite like THC. It also is a powerful anti-inflammatory, helps fight cancer and other tumors, aids with sleep, and more. Also like THC, an oral test has already been developed to detect THCa. While some sources show THCa to be a stable compound, Aphios research chemicals claims that it is very unstable and will breakdown into THC within weeks. It may have to do with the preparation of synthesized THCa used in their laboratory versus an active live-plant based THCa, but without further research the stability of THCa and how quickly it converts to THC is unknown.
Therapeutic Uses
Analgesic – Relieves pain.
Anti-Emetic – Reduces vomiting and nausea.
Anti-Inflammatory – Reduces inflammation.
Anti-Insomnia – Aids with sleep.
Anti-Proliferative – Inhibits cancer cell growth.
Antispasmodic –  Suppresses muscle spasms.
Modulates Immune System – THCa has been shown to both improve and potentially suppress the immune system functions.
Neuroprotective – Slows damage to the nervous system and brain.

An interesting thing to think about (at least for me) is that all of our tinkering with CBD and THCa is not replicable in these studies that some universities and big pharmaceutical companies are doing. In other words, we are working with a whole plant medicine, the whole plant, and we raise and lower the dose and then observe. We have found that Sophie has better seizure control with a smaller amount of CBD than a larger one. We have also found that she does better overall with a coconut-based oil rather than an olive oil. The studies being done at the University of California at San Francisco, the ones spearheaded by one of the mocking neurologists on the panel, are in a sesame oil base AND are synthetic AND are pure CBD (no THC at all) AND are pushed up to extremely high dosages. When this neurologist told us about the "explosive diarrhea" that was "under-reported" by apparently "untrustworthy mothers," what I thought was, "How the hell are they getting that much oil into the kid and doesn't sesame oil cause diarrhea?" I'll also admit to having a grand chuckle inside my tiny little mother mind at explosive diarrhea causing alarm, given the side effects that Sophie has been subject to over twenty years -- irritability, joint pain, depression, anorexia, depleted iron, impacted stool, increased seizures, ataxia, dizziness, headache, ulcers, suppressed immune system, strange fevers, skin rashes, hallucinations, etc. 


I'll keep you posted on the THCa. One thing I've noticed, so far, is less seizures. Again, that's anecdotal and observed by my tiny, little mother mind.

***For those unaware, the photo is on La Brea here in Los Angeles on a billboard that often displays weird and mysterious photos. As you can see, it's Bruce Jenner in all his Olympian glory. I have vivid memories of crushing on him -- believing him to be the most beautiful man on the planet. He doesn't look like that anymore. He doesn't look like anyone anymore. Bless his heart. Life is weird and the world is big.


  1. Your mind is beautiful and grand. I also had a crush on Bruce the Decathlete. I will say no more on that subject, except God bless him.

  2. Life IS weird and the world is so, so big. They forget that some of us are paying attention. xo

  3. I think your tiny, little mother mind is brilliant. I learn so much from you. I grew up on Sycamore and Wilshire. The world is so big and small too.

  4. Your tiny little mother mind amazes me.

  5. Why aren't these researchers talking to mothers like you?! Quite frankly THCa or maybe just plain cannabis seems to be the thing I need for most of what ails me. I also think if my mom had had CBD and/or THCa or maybe just plain cannabis in the months before she died her last days would have been less painful and more tolerable. In addition to her other symptoms she was having seizures. It's so clear to me now. It's so frustrating that proper research into the medicinal range of this plant is so hampered by the powers that be. You are creating a powerful record here.

  6. I like your tiny little mother mind.

  7. I think of Semmelweis and how he was mocked so horribly when he suggested that it was the doctors themselves who were killing mothers with "childbed fever" by not washing their hands. He eventually ended up in an insane asylum where he died fourteen days after being admitted. He had been beaten by guards.
    Don't let the bastards beat you down.

  8. Illegitimi non carborundum...

    I like being illegitimately Latin. Feels naughty. Do love the THCa research. Not a lot out there (research) that is easy to find on behavioral/autism etc. I started Bennett. I would have started myself for my 2x4 across the face depression but can't afford. Shame that the pharm drugs are dirt cheap and decimating my innards.

  9. Oh hey you may have answered this in one of your many blogs. If some noob like me wanted to try to publish a book, is there a something or somethings you can advise me to read on the subject of getting such a thing accomplished? Many thanks.

  10. Oy. I have to keep believing that there are scientists out there that are thinking twice before jumping in and doing studies on wholly synthetic things. I have to, or I'll be tempted to move to the Amazon and fall in with a tribe of leaf-wearing natives who eat what they want, pass vital information down through the generations, and listen to their bodies and the rhythms of the planet.

  11. Just the wearing leaves part and I'm in, especially if they are smokable.

    On second thought. Ew.

  12. I had a big crush on Bruce Jenner too. Deep sigh. I got a script for pot in January at age 56 because I felt I was turning into a post-menopausal she-rex. OMG, I used to take Xanax about 1-2 times a week to calm down at night....but I could hardly wake up and I felt groggy and horrible until noon the next day. Now if I'm wound too tight I take about three inhales from a pipe and I'm good to go, and I wake up happy and relaxed. (Also my sex drive has gone from 10 MPH to 65 MPH-- this makes long-suffering husband very, very happy. I'll never take a benzodiazepine again. Indica is the best for sleep and sativa is the best for libido in my short experience.

    Jen in San Jose



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