Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flagstaff - Part 3 - The Sacred

I haven't been able to sit and write Part 3 of my Flagstaff trip, mainly because the visit verges on the sacred for me. And for Sophie, of course. So this part is quite different from Part I and Part 2 which you can review HERE and HERE (and perhaps not go any further!).

We visited this same homeopath four years ago, when Sophie had suffered through a considerable decline. Within a month or so of trying the remedy he prescribed, she had her first seizure-free day in her life. She had a week with no seizures and then almost a month. Although we haven't had nearly that good of a time since, there have been periods during the last four years when I've been able to say She's GREAT! when asked how she's doing.

For all of you who have been following the blog, you know that she hasn't been doing great by a long stretch. In fact, it's been about a year, now, since I've been able to say that with any bit of confidence. To make a long story short, we went back to see the great homeopath in Flagstaff last week.

And I still don't really want to write about it. The estimable homeopath whom we see regularly here in southern California went along with us -- he works with the Arizona guy and sort of "presents" Sophie to a class taught there. Other than airfare and hotel, the trip is free because The Homeopath doesn't charge.

I like that.

So, instead of going into the particulars -- the rainy day, the sun breaking through, the ineffable gratitude, I'll give you a few quotes about the type of homeopathy this man practices. He's considered one of the four or so great homeopaths in the world, and if you don't believe in this sort of thing, stop reading now because it will all seem too crazy to you. I've decided NOT to defend homeopathy because it's worked for Sophie, for me and for my other children. I look upon them, particularly Sophie, as a double-blind, placebo-controlled whatever, and compared to the eighteen or so regular old antiepileptic drugs that we've tried in fourteen years, well ... you get the picture.

Human beings are not just physical bodies. We have 4 levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The spiritual is reflected in the other 3 levels. When there is disharmony, some people may sense it on their physical, mental and/or emotional levels. The source of disharmony, however, is always reflected spiritually. This state may be expressed as an illness or injury in the physical, mental or emotional areas for some people. Homeopathic remedies have no effect whatsoever on the body, mind or emotions. A scientific analysis of homeopathic remedies would reveal nothing of medical value, no ingredient that can have any direct or other effect on the body, mind or emotions. Homeopathic remedies have quality that is invisible, and cannot be measured scientifically. They work only in the spiritual, an area that is undetectable, and immeasurable. Homeopathic remedies enable elevation to a higher state of consciousness by getting rid of the disruption at the spiritual level and so increasing spiritual strength. When on rises to another state of consciousness, one may lose symptoms at the physical, mental or emotional level because one is no longer the same being. (copyright ESSH 10/03)

Now, is that crazy enough for you? Like I said, I won't defend anything, just report. And as you know, I'm sometimes a desperate person but I never stop thinking. And when something is right, it's very simple to say and to admit that it is right. I've spoken before about the randomness of fate and my belief in that randomness. I truly believe that we come to things in their right time. I also believe in curing and healing as two separate entities.

The meeting with The Homeopath was wild and sacred. We drove away from it as the skies were filling up, again, with monsoon rains. I was empty of tears and filled with hope.

That's all.


  1. Homeopathy rules! It works on every level. I have seen it and felt it. I hope for Sophie.

  2. I loved reading this. It makes me happy for you & Sophie; it also teaches me things I didn't know. Homeopathy sounds intriguing, hopeful and slightly mystical, which appeals to me. I'm so glad that you were able to go and see this doctor. May blessings flow from this meeting!

  3. Your other two posts about Flagstaff had me thinking of Sophie every evening before I go to sleep, hoping that she was able to sleep too. I've been checking every day for this one, hoping that it was good.

    And it was. I'm so glad for Sophie and for you. There is always hope.

  4. I have a good homepathy shop in London, they really did help my little monster www.ainsworths.com
    look for Tlacote water ( you can always send me a mail)

  5. Homeopathy has saved our butts many times. I don't try to defend it either. I can't prove what it has done over the long term, but I saw it and I know. Short-term, it has kept us from 3 ER visits just in the past 5 months. Or maybe 8 over 9 months. That's federal dollars saved :)
    I hope....

  6. The power of Homeopathy resides inside each one of us. It is a map, a road map to wellness that holds within one of the most powerful remedies there is: faith. Whatever that may be to the one using it.

    No need to defend it. It has survived since the beginning of time. Many other "wives tales" should be so likely! Blessings to Sophie, may she grow well and happy. No doubt she will knowing her mother understands the nature of the journey.

  7. I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up. Curious about the details, which I know will come in time. I need to get my own duff in gear about a homeopath here in Chicago. You are inspiring me.

  8. "We drove away from it as the skies were filling up, again, with monsoon rains. I was empty of tears and filled with hope."

    It's not for anyone to judge what is crazy and what's not. It's for us to experience truths of our own and share. What else is there?

    I'm just glad something grants you and yours hope.

  9. I pray for Sophie's continued improvement.

    To me Homeopathy is so close to Shamanism... who knows, maybe they are differing versions of the same. In any case they feel very right to a growing number of people, me included.

    I have a good friend that had psychic surgery to remove a malignant lump in her breast.... she went back to see her regular "doctor" and when she was exrayed, the lump and all signs of cancer were gone. How crazy does that sound? :-)

    I say, whatever works.



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