Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Thinking

William Blake

I have to remind myself to let go of all the bad energy, the anger, the clinging, the swearing, the despairing. Frankly, I don't know what I'm talking about half the time, but it sounds good in my head and feels NOT so good in my stomach. I read a couple of conservative bloggers yesterday whose posts made me sick and angry, but I realized, too, that mine probably do the same to them, and if I can go round and round with them, so goes the world.

I read this today and it reminded me of the dangers of dualistic thought -- maybe dangers is not the right word -- it reminded me that everything goes round and round.

We will not have a new worldview as long as people live inside the dualistic mind, because we will always be accusers of others.  Remember the very word “satan” literally means the accuser.  The constant satanic impulse is to try to change others instead of changing ourselves. -- Richard Rohr


  1. that's a great, interesting quote.

  2. Every time I hear you talk about health care reform, I can't help but feel that the anger is not only about "the system" but also about Sophie's condition.

    What we hear are the loud, angry ocean waves crashing against the shore -- but those waves are powered by a deep, deep force.

  3. I loved this piece today, too. I like knowing that we are reading the same things. =)

  4. endswith8741 -- Interesting thought, although I have to say that I don't feel angry about Sophie's condition as much as I feel frustrated by the inability to help it. And Sophie is just one many millions of people with seizures and other special health care needs who are not properly treated in our country. I do feel angry about healthcare reform and how it has been hijacked by special interest. My own struggles with "the system" are minuscule compared to others, and the work I do for children with special healthcare needs has shown me that "the system" is an abyss.

  5. "I don't feel angry about Sophie's condition as much as I feel frustrated by the inability to help it."

    Ah, yes. That is it. Totally.

    You're better than I, though. I often feel like my voice is so small in this debate, that it's not worth the air.

  6. I think lately I have given up trying to change anyone else and their thoughts. All I can change is me. And there are things I DO want to change while there are also things I have no need to change. But really, don't you think that sometimes anger is fuel for the fire we must light to see where we need to go? To give energy to the battle we need to wage? I don't know. I have no answers.
    But I know that you are a thoughtful and intelligent woman who is trying so very hard to be compassionate and strong, nurturing and questioning, righteous and humble.
    I love all of that in you.

  7. oh, elizabeth!

    as i climb out of bed at 1 in the morning, having tossed or turned one too many times, i come to this wild medium and find this clear thought.

    i am loosing sleep tonight roiling about injustice, craziness, and the words which (should) belong to others with which i have been tagged.

    i must learn to let go.

    i must.

    thank you.

  8. yes, you always have such clear thoughts elizabeth, even if you don't think you know what you are talking about half the time.

    letting go. you won't learn that from me unfortunately.

  9. I wonder sometimes if this isn't half the problem...all these great comments and everyone is trying to be reasonable, and everyone is intelligent and then there's the extreme right wing that does no such thing and they win again, and again and again. Is it time to stop letting go and start shoving like hell? I wish I knew.

  10. I do know what you mean. I feel so defeated and worn out. The struggle has been long and hard and now we find we have the wolf amongst us, just when we thought we had won.

    We can't give up, but there is a point where one needs to step back.

  11. I have friends who think very much the way I think and I also have friends who are clear on the other end of the spectrum. I want to keep both kinds of friends even when I get annoyed, mad, and I want them to accept me as I am too. Its tricky, sometimes you have to find something in common like, "Oh, we both like pretzels!" All we can do is try. A good quote. Thank-you.

  12. I wouldn't be so quick to get rid of the swearing. : )

  13. I like that quote, too.

  14. Elizabeth just one of the reasons your blog is so great.




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