Thursday, January 14, 2010


I feel, a bit, as if I've sullied my blog, particularly the beautiful Haitian proverb that I posted yesterday, by posting this. But perhaps those who still think fondly of the two men excoriated in the video might think differently? Hopefully?


  1. Note to Mr Roberts: the "god" you serve and spit venom in his name has nothing to do with Christianity and even less to do with Jesus.

    Note to Mr Limbaugh: I completely agree with Keith, even a worm has a purpose in life, much much more valuable than whatever yours may be.

    Note to Elizabeth: Your blog is still as pure as ever. Hatred has no power over Love.

  2. They won't but how could they not. How could they still side with those two pieces of shit.

    Love you.

    Renee xoxo

  3. Your blog is wonderful just like yesterday. This video gave me chills. He couldn't have said it better. Thanks for the post.

  4. Oh that video made me feel good. I've been feeling sullied that such blankety-blank men have access to the airwaves. Pat Robertson is in his dotage now, maybe that's his excuse. Rush Limbaugh is just greedy, anything for attention. Trading on misery is good reason for damnation.

  5. Yes... Wow !!! Strong words !!! Like your lasts posts !!! Read you soon !

  6. This was excellent.

    I am still in such anguish for those that are waiting in their suffering. What tragedy upon tragedy that the help is so long coming to those in need.

  7. I heard what PatR said on NPR yesterday and wanted to scream.
    If anyone made a deal with the devil in the 19th c it was based in the slave trade. Maybe this generation can finally lend a hand to an entire people group we kidnapped and ruined 200 yrs ago with our greed.

  8. I saw that show too and was thinking "rock ON Keith!!"



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