Friday, September 1, 2017

A Short History of August*

Sophie had a hard month
I turned 54
My feet hurt
My son started college
I'm looking for work
Ends aren't meeting
The world is melting
I've never been happier

*Zen priest Karen Maezen Miller inspired me to write this koanish post. If you haven't read her work, you should. Here's her website: Cheerio Road


  1. Well, that was a big month. Here's to happiness, sore feet, college and a ton of love for Sophie.

  2. Beautiful women. Such beautiful women.

  3. Reality is a swirl of happy and hard. Your courage is born of doing the right things and hope. We're hoping with you.

  4. My feet hurt too. Maybe our age?

    I especially like the last sentence:)

  5. I am happy you are happy. I wish I could just give you the biggest hug right now.

  6. Thank you for sharing and your friend's writings. Buddhism always makes me feel better when things are going to shit. Sorry for the rough month for you both.

  7. Contentment even in the midst of chaos is so grounding. I'm glad you've never been happier!

  8. Life is deep and rich.
    Can't wait to see you and all that is yours.

  9. I love you. You are so brave. This made me cry.

  10. That happiness is a treasure, beautifully acknowledged with your words and double portrait. I'm new at your blog, grateful for what I have found here, especially the video about Extreme Parenting. It is good to meet you and your family here. Your loving portraits of Sophie touch my heart. I don't post often on my blog or comment as much as I'd like to. Thank you for your presence!

  11. First, a belated happy 54th birthday and good luck to Henry in this chapter of his life.
    C. also had a rough August (and it's looking like September is following suit).
    Hoping both young women see better days soon.
    And that's a terrific poem/post!

  12. Sounds like a full month.
    Have ends ever met? Mine never do. And my feet hurt but I am a tad older.

  13. I haven't been writing and only a tiny bit of reading. But I am glad I came today. Beautiful words. The world of dualities, yours is beautiful.

  14. In the middle of difficulty, sometimes we thrive. I love it.



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