Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas-Time Caregiving Extravaganza

Hint: This isn't Sophie. Read on.
Suspense, right?

Sophie has been home from the hospital for a few days, but we're still recovering from the latest We Don't Know What's Wrong With Your Daughter But She Doesn't Have Pneumonia And This Will Cost Approximately $125,347, Part of Which Will Pay For The Care She Received At This Particular Medical Establishment But Mostly Will Go Toward Padding the Pockets of The Plutocracy or Terrible America.*

Here's Sophie in her nest:

Here's me, eating a spoonful of lemon curd, left-over from an order for a Gingerbread Forest Cake with Lemon Curd.**

Oliver had surgery this morning on his finger. He had a benign bone cyst that needed to be removed, so we rose earlier than the sun this morning and made our way to Santa Monica where the nice receptionist charged us $934.56 for THE DEPOSIT, and the nice Anesthesiologist and the nice Orthopedist and the nicest Nurses prepped Oliver for the surgery. He woke in the Recovery Area quite nicely, and in the car on the way home waxed rhapsodic about how his former fears for anything medical had disappeared and I often overthink stuff and am so glad to release these fears and thoughts. Honestly, Readers, it was like the usual fabulous Big O, without the EDGE. I'm contemplating a nice propofol drip for all of us.

Here he is in his nest:

His cheeks are not that full. He's just eating a bagel and watching something dreadful on Netflix.

In lieu of propofol, I'm continuing to eat spoonfuls of lemon curd.

*Terrible America is an apt expression coined by the great Rebecca L, poet extraordinaire. I think we can safely say it is a Terrible America that is run by a POSPOTUS and a repugnant political party that is actively supporting its sexual predator in chief as well as a pedophile Christian judge running for Senator of Alabama.

**Everyone Needs Cake™ is my new gig. I make cakes for people. I use the money I make to support the Medical Industrial Complex. Please help me to use it for shoes or make-up or something. I'm getting old and would love this really large cozy blanket I saw on the Johnny Was website.


  1. Well, now if Henry just needs a nest, you'll have all your little birdies in one. Or three.
    Poor Oliver, although it sounds as if the anesthesia was good enough to make it all worthwhile.
    Math problem: How many cakes does Elizabeth have to sell to buy a Johnny Was blanket?
    Lemon curd is delicious. You are beautiful.

  2. All such classic examples of the ironies and difficulties that are everyday Life. And the ridiculousness that is our health care system. Lemon curd sounds good.

  3. Thank you for #everyoneneedscake.

    Best wishes to Oliver.

  4. Everything you said and everything Ms. Moon said❤️

  5. You and your lemon curd selfies made me lol. And made me kind of hungry to, to be honest. Your writing made me lol at time too of course but also made me think as usual.

  6. Add me to the list for a propofol drip. I’m not kidding. Some of my happiest times were after surgery where nothing else mattered and nurses in quiet shoes brought me digestive cookies and juice and warm blankets. Let someone look after me for a moment.

    I looked up blankets on JohnnyWas and and holy crap. If I ever win the lottery, a decent sized one, that I don’t buy tickets for, I will buy you that blanket.

    I hope Oliver is feeling better.

    Loving Sophie in her nest.

  7. I would put some Cake money towards the Johnny Was Blanket, you deserve it... what a hectic Medical week you have had just before Christmas and I'm Glad everyone is Home nesting!

  8. Your little birds look so cozy in their nests. You know I want that toffee cake so bad, the one where it is dribbling down, omg.

    And you? Something must be going right, you look absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Having had Propofol, let me just say that it is FABULOUS, Michael Jackson notwithstanding. Glad Oliver's finger helped him overcome medical anxiety, and glad Sophie is doing well in her "nest"! The cakes look amazing! Do you ship to the UK? :)

  10. Wonderful nests.
    I will order your cakes any day when you start shipping to Europe. So please stop showing these enticing pictures until that time. It is downright cruel and just not fair.

  11. I am so happy to see you eating lemon curd in each photo as it is an important an necessary way to get through the shite we are currently experiencing.

    I'm still thinking I'm gonna wake up some morning and the nightmare will be over. In the meantime, bring on the lemon curd!

    XXX Beth

  12. Despite the gravity of parts of this post, you had me lol repeatedly. Good luck with Everyone Needs Cake - wish I could join your customer list but those masterpieces look too delicate to be shipped this far. Continued and complete healing to both Sophie and Oliver.

  13. I had to look up Johnny Was, nice clothes.

    Glad everything went well for Oliver.

    Lemon curd sounds like an excellent way of coping.

  14. Wish I was close enough to order a cake. I agree with Lily that lemon curd is an excellent coping mechanism.

  15. I've been eating lemon curd with berries, and oohing over Johnny Was tunics.
    Speedy recover to the big O.
    I'll have whatever drip y'all are having.

  16. Poor Oliver. I hope the disappearance of all his fears lasts and lasts. You're gorgeous and funny.



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