Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Thinking About Things, Things About Thinking

Homemade gift from Lauren, Sophie's aide

This morning I was in my Barbie bathroom brushing my teeth with my Goby toothbrush (it says, Get Your Buzz On and came in a pink-lined fancy box with free shipping on automatic head replacements every three months) and I was thinking about how absurd it all is, living paycheck to paycheck, the products we buy (I say we meaning we Americans, we consumers, we capitalists, and if that's not you go with me for a moment) how lazy we are, how complacent -- even in the face of calamity. Calamity being the personal as well as the communal. Towelettes to wipe your privates are folded neatly in foil packets with pictures of flowers, small ones for on the go and larger ones. Summers Eve replaced by a more politically correct plain cream box with simple black lettering Body Cloth. Convenience. Attachment. The word straw. Drawing straws, disposing straws, straws showing up in just one damn turtle, someone said. Gimme a break. I'm thinking about equanimity, about holding two opposing thoughts or feelings or states of being at once without losing your shit, losing your mind. I'm thinking about calm and I'm thinking about action, how caring for Sophie for so long, so long has honed my mind my capacities my equanimity to a point so sharp it pierces through thick the veil protecting all of it my heart. We can be calm. We can still act. We can still be calm. We can act.


  1. You. You constantly knock me to my knees.

  2. Hoo boy. Yeah. Conflicting feelings and thoughts all in one person. It's hard! -Kate

  3. Equanimity... always a Goal... sometimes elusive though. I do Love that Homemade Gift from Lauren, so Heart felt!

  4. Things, collecting and endlessly replacing more and more things can make us inactive and lose our sight of what matters and what's crap. Thanks for showing that we need to focus.

  5. those framed words move me profoundly. i too have been contemplating complacency in the face of catastrophe. i hope this comment doesn't go poof like the last three. love.



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