Friday, March 19, 2010

Mystery Solved

One of my friends has confessed, and I must say that I'm relieved. I feel a bit silly but more relaxed, now, and actually grateful that she thought of me in this beautiful way. I found it interesting that so many people responded that their husbands would be really bothered if they were to receive flowers from a secret admirer. Maybe because my husband is from a different culture, maybe because he's resoundingly NOT the jealous type or maybe because he's just, well, different? he found the whole episode amusing.

Which makes me think I should, perhaps, not tell him that the mystery is solved...


  1. Whoot so glad!! I would have felt the same way! Yay for friends:)
    Hugs, Sarah

  2. And here I was thinking it was him who sent the flowers.

  3. I was wondering if it had been Allegra with her magical powers.

  4. love the photo .
    and you certainly have wonderful caring friends.

  5. Glad you solved the mystery. Enjoy the flowers. Don't tell--at least for awhile. Always good to have a little mystery in one's life!

  6. I'm glad you found out who it is .... the last thing you need is imagining a stalker following you everywhere you go - yuck!

  7. oh sweet mystery.
    i leave you, gentle soul, for a handful of days circling in my own drain of medical
    black hole degradation and you cycle through courage,fear, patience,impatience,rock of Gibraltar to hanging by a thread,phone terrors of the bleakest nature, the kindness of strangers, mystery and revelation.

    reaching across the rigors of care taking with a perennial script for all things good and dependable to fill your spirit.

    if only, i could lift your burdens and set free your impossibly beautiful heart.


  8. Glad your friend stepped forward. The last thing you need right now is added stress of the unknown. There's already a lot of unknown in your life everyday. That said, the arrangement is GORGEOUS. You have truly wonderful friends.



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