Friday, March 12, 2010

Unbound: A True Story of War, Love and Survival

Dean and Jessica King are two of my oldest friends from college days in North Carolina. Dean is a writer and has published a number of non-fiction books to much acclaim. He and Jessica recently came to Los Angeles to promote his latest book, Unbound, which is coming out on March 24th. Last night, I attended a reading and presentation at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. The story tells of the amazing journey of thirty women who traveled as soldiers with Mao's army on The Long March. The Red Army covered more than four thousand brutal miles on foot, battling warlords and facing extreme deprivation. Babies were born and newborns were left on the trail. There were more than 80,000 men on the journey and tens of thousands died. All thirty women lived, though, and it is their story that Dean has chosen to tell, avoiding, as he says, the polemics of communism and capitalism to tell a story of great courage and humanity.

I look forward to reading this fascinating book and hope that you all might, too. Click here for Dean's website.

Jessica and Dean


  1. Sounds amazing. Thanks for the heads-up. Also- I commented TWICE on your comment on my post today. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to go see what I said.

  2. Ms. Moon -- I've just read them, and I guess it's time for a round of tears. Thank YOU.

  3. are we all up? reading each others words?


  4. I love how you are so connected and educated. I always learn from you.

  5. Wow. Sounds like an intense book. What cool friends!

  6. Elzabeth
    I have never commented but I am a faithful reader, love your blog!
    I RACED out last nite to get Skeletons on The Zahara and already started it! Cant wait for his new book on March 24th. Thanks
    for turning us all on to a GREAT author! Keep up your excellent writing!

  7. Sounds fabulous. What a story. You were in my neighborhood.....I should be more informed as to what's going on in my own back yard now that I'm in town!

  8. My Dear Friend,
    I have just taken a journey in your words, reading the last posts. You, are an amazing writer. The week of your daughter's 15th birthday will be with me for a long long time.

    And I will check out this book. It sounds facinating.

    And if I could, I would have that cupcake with coconut frosting!

  9. added to the list, near the top. thank you

    And Elizabeth. You rock. I didn't miss you. We had internet connection in our resort, and while it was touchy about which blogs I could go on for some reason, I read you everyday. Just couldn't not. Oh , I did miss commenting of course.

    Belated Happy Birthday to Sophie. I felt her mermaid spirit in the waves crashing on my soul , far away , and yet not. This love thing. It washes over us doesn't it.

    May you be washed in peace always.

  10. Elizabeth, It's always great to see you, which is one of the reasons Jessica and I love to visit L.A. Your steadfastness with Sophie is inspirational. You're like one of the Long March women, up for/to the tasks you face. Your support of my work means a lot to me too, and I can see what good work you and your readers are doing together here. Keep it up! xo, Dean

  11. What women go through in oppressed societies is difficult to comprehend. What a marvelous book your friend has written.



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