Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where I Spent Six Hours

8:00 AM: The Nationals vs. The Rockies
4:30 PM: The Red Sox vs. The Mariners

It's a good thing I had this sky to look at during hour number six:


  1. Oh. I bet your butt was sore. But what a gorgeous sky!

  2. This is what I have to look forward to with boys? Lots of knitting in my future...

  3. That's where I was today too..Ruby's t-ball practice in the am and then two tournament games for Abe. Our skies weren't nearly so beautiful though.

  4. Get deep containers, as big as you can find. Best to have them built, like boxes. But if that isn't feasible, do pre made ones. The main things:
    1. use high quality compost, I don't even use soil, just this.
    2. choose plants that will do well in your zone at the time you are going to plant them (ask at the nursery, they should be able to help you) Herbs are usually pretty easy.
    3. give them the right amount of sun and water everyday so the plants stay damp, but not too wet. Think of the dirt as being a soggy sponge.
    4. Have fun!

  5. You are a sainted mother. The beautiful sky was your reward.

  6. I feel your pain. But what joy those boys must have felt, with you there to watch, and a sunny day for playing!

  7. just today we bought tickets to one of the red sox v. mariners game this summer .... I can almost smell the grass and feel the air :)



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