Thursday, March 4, 2010

Which is worse?

Listening to a white man in a position of power toying with the right of a woman to choose what happens to her body and dictating morality (Democratic Congressman Burt Stupak from Michigan obstructing the healthcare reform package because of federal abortion funding issues that are nonexistent)?


Listening to Republican Senator and Congressmen (pick one, any one) state that the Obama administration is trying to ram down the American people's throats a government takeover of the American healthcare system?


Opening another very thin envelope from Anthem Blue Cross TODAY with a notice that Sophie's insurance policy premium will be raised another 40% April the 1st (this after the 35% January 1 increase). I might add that Sophie is NOT ALLOWED on our policy (The Husband, me and the boys) and our premium was raised 40% in March.


  1. “A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy”

    Benjamin Disraeli

    I am sick to the core of all that is happening now. Sick of our broken system, sick of the hypocrisy with which men wrap themselves to gain a vote while they would condemn their own daughters to a back alley butcher for an abortion in order to get that vote.

    Sick that they are in a position of power that they neither earned nor deserve and that somehow in our country we still believe that Democracy is a virtue when we are paying the consequences of 8 years of evil and greed.

    And sickest of all because we are bailing out the barbarians at the gate while someone like Sophie is penalized because she needs help.
    If there is a Hell, may they all celebrate there their success at making the innocent ones suffer while the rich get richer with their help.

  2. I've said from the beginning that there's no way any health care reform will occur because right now too many people are making too much money. I'm surprised the conversation has gone on in Congress for as long as it has...

    The potential for an illness to financially devastate a hard working, tax paying, doing the right thing American family is astounding to me.

    It almost happened to us.

  3. My head is full of swear words. I knew about the first two atrocities but the last is the kicker. I'm so sorry!

  4. OMG. Thieves. Criminals. It's time for another letter to the L. A. Times. A letter to Obama. A trip for you and Sophie to go to the White House.

  5. It is all completely shameful.

    I am so glad to be living in France.

    And so devastated for all my peeps in the US.

    i've been meaning to say...

    I absolutely love the title of your blog.


  6. Allegra said everything I would want to say. Amen to you, amen to her.

  7. I think "door number 3" is the worst.

    But I also think that those politicians (PUBLIC SERVANTS, really) should be made to enroll in the same healthcare system that they pass on to the rest of us. They need to serve shorter terms, and not be allowed use public office as a sinecure. Each one of them needs to remember that he is ONE OF US.

  8. It's interesting to find any government employee spewing anti-abortion sentiment when their own healthcare plan pays for abortions! If they feel so strongly, why not opt out of their health insurance?

  9. There are so many words and no words. It is an outrage. Evil.

  10. I shudder to think about how much our premium will be raised this year. We get our health insurance through the small business my husband owns, and the group is not large enough to off-set costs. E-Niner has been hospitalized for a total of nearly two months since our policy has been renewed. I think I want to have at least several drinks in me before he tells me how much ours will have gone up.

    How were you able to get a separate policy for Sophie? And why isn't she able to be on the one with the rest of you? (Maybe this is too personal to detail on the blog.)

  11. It is criminal. And it seems it will continue, as 'healthcare reform' seems to be a farce. We increased our deductible to $15,000 starting this month. Our monthly premiums are eating us alive. I can't imagine what it is doing to your family. I feel despair.

  12. oh no, they all seem worse, but the last most. damn.



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