Sunday, July 4, 2010


We do this every year. This year, when I called for a semblance of order (meaning get on something red, white and blue and come outside for the picture), I got this ragtag duo.

I admonished them for one second, before The Big O said, What? Mom, it's a free country!

And he's right.

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. The smiles on your boys' faces tells, beyond a thousand words, what a wonderful job you are doing with them. Such a beautiful, simple tradition, and what a creative and great mother you are to think of it & keep it going, in the midst of all of the chaos and difficulties of Sophie's serious medical issues! Yes, it is a free country - thanks be to God, and our forefathers.

  2. Lord, lord, lord. What beautiful boys. Their faces are the faces of good-men-to-be. Be proud, Elizabeth.

  3. Love your Rag Tag Duo! Happy fireworks and family gathering. x0 N2

  4. heart stoppers!
    thank you for this...
    and so much more.
    if they were music, what song would they be?

    something ruckus, joyous, slightly irreverent where the underling melody is
    we are loved.

  5. admonished? and this is the result? aaahahahahah! I love it love it love it.

    I don't think I ever managed to get a photo true-to-season, and I am ever so impressed that this is a tradition. wow.

    thanks. this one made my day.

  6. Wonderful post, pictures, blog and kids. Happy 4th with lots of love - Barbara



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