Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's the first really hot day in LA

and we're all lolling around. I haven't turned on the air-conditioner, yet, this summer because we haven't needed it. We sort of need it now, but I'm sort of determined not to use it for a bit longer. You know how once you turn it on, there's no going back?

It'll cool off tonight, like it always does.

Sophie is resting -- a bit better than she was yesterday, which is good.

Oliver ripped off his sweaty socks, shinguards and cleats today, buried his nose in the pile and said Wow. That smells strong. Then he did it again. Were we that bizarre when we were children?

I'm inclined to a Trader Joe's margarita-mix margarita with salt and lime.

I got an unexpected small gift today and it's left me awed.

Thank you, T.


  1. It's been hot here for what seems to be eternity. I gave up AC last year and it has been better for me. I live on a farm and have to be outside. The AC, I have now discovered, really made it worse.

    Oliver is a special child, but I do think we were all a little bit of Oliver when we were young. In my case, not as cute and bright, but definitely different!

    I'm so glad Sophie is resting better. Best wishes for her improvement.

  2. So glad Sophie is doing better.

    My boys get a kick out of their stinkiness. I think it makes them feel manly.

    There are lot of yummy sounding cocktails in blogland today. It's all making me very thirsty.


  3. I love the image of your young boy burying his nose in the smell of his stinking socks. Thanks.

  4. You can turn the AC on and then off again. I promise. I do it all the time.
    Here's to an even better day for Sophie. Here's to you, sweet, hot mama.

  5. Oh we know serious funky here.

    our air is in overtime lately. makes me crazy. but crazier without.

    hope Sophie had a quiet night as well now,

    love to you

  6. Hot here too but not like last year. Has been 100F only once this summer. AC is a necessity, I don't care how dry the heat is...

    Have been thinking of you & Sophie. Hope her sweet body is coming to quiet.



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