Saturday, July 17, 2010

He's Back

Oliver, Sophie and I went to pick a beaming Henry up from Ghetto Camp this afternoon. Just as we'd all predicted, he had a fantastic time. He gave me a huge hug and chattered all the way home about the games he'd played, the food he ate, the hike he went on and what he learned. He told us about a few boys that were so homesick, they cried and wailed every day.

Did you miss us? I asked.

Yeah, sort of. But I was distracted a lot, and sometimes I didn't think about you at all, he replied.

Later, as I fixed dinner, he kept up the chatter. I think I might have missed Oliver the most, he said. He didn't know why. He threw his arms around me, then, and said Sometimes when I thought about you, my eyes teared up.

Could I possibly love him more?

Later that night, we all lay on the bed and listened to music. I saw all three of my children and just couldn't believe it.

How happy I was --


  1. Those are the moments we live for, aren't they?

  2. I'm glad he had fun at camp! You have some truly sweet kids. :)

  3. your words and family have filled my heart.


  4. Such a sweet photo of Sophie welcoming Henry home!
    Those are moments to savor--the time when all of your chicks are in the nest.


  5. He is a gorgeous person, inside and out. What blessings your children are - I can tell they know they are deeply loved. And I'm SO glad that he loved camp. xoxo

  6. How beautiful! That photo of Sophie and Henry is so tender and sweet. Glad to hear he had a good time at the Ghetto Camp.

  7. So sweet.

    And that is an amazing shot of Sophie and Henry. Makes my eyes leak.


  8. ah, you are doing such an amazing job with him. Just the right mix of missing and connected, but okay to be away and have fun. What an amazing conversation. It really moved me.



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