Saturday, July 3, 2010

Waiting, patiently

La Jolla, 1998

The good news is that we're now waiting, not for a bed, but for a spot in the infusion center. No overnight hospital stay is an enormous relief. I hate hospitals with all my heart (except the maternity ward). In the meantime, Sophie is having a respite from seizures. You never know what's up with The Girl.


  1. that is good news...

    and i hope you have that picture hung up's adorable.

  2. Ah, relief. I love this photo, there is something so full of promise and joy there.

    Off to bed for me, the double vision is making an unannounced and unwelcome visit. Just as well, the weather is lousy. Love to you both.

  3. So darling, you and your dark-haired,
    dark-eyed girl, halfway back from where you are now. It's a lot to know. Layers and layers of stories.

    WV: iread

  4. Oh, no hospital! Wonderful.I hate them, too. So glad Sophie is having a respite.

  5. I have been thinking about my response (words of wisdom) to your last post and now I come to these "jewels" in "The Jewel". I do know how hard it has to be for you in meeting Sophie's day-to-day needs; giving up what you need for now; keeping the boys wrapped in loving and caring arms and simply living life. I see the love in this photograph. I can only wish you the strength to go with that love.


  6. So glad the treatment is approved. Will be thinking of you and hoping for the best.

    Robert is well--at my uncle's pool today. One more day at the lake and then home.

  7. such beauty.
    thank you for placing your hearts so firmly in ours.
    yes...the infusion center. this will be a perfect fit.
    peace to you,
    beautiful girls.
    holding you in joy.

  8. What a wonderful photograph, and I appreciate that you have shared with us. Oh. So beautiful.

    And I too am glad that the infusion will not include a hospital stay. You will both do well in familiar surroundings.

    Blessings. Blessings unfold.

  9. Yay for no hospital stay! I love the picture of you and Sophie! You both look so gorgeous.

  10. Sending love.

    As always.

    And I'll say it too. That's a beautiful picture


  11. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. I love this photo more than I can say. I love it. Please post more when you are able.

    HOORAY that you & Sophie are not going to have to go inpatient! You will all get more rest at home. I pray that an infusion chair opens up, and soon. xoxoxo

  13. I thought I had commented on this but it doesn't look like it. I guess I did, but only in my mind.
    And what can one say except that there is so much beauty here and that I am thrilled you will not have to go to a hospital?

  14. Yes, I have to add my voice to our community chorus on this picture of you and Sophie -- such a beautiful mother/daughter glow! And hospitals =o@...don't get me started.

    Spinning a golden safety net around you and your girl.
    x0 N2

  15. Hey beauty,
    I just got caught up with what is going on. I have been traveling. I am very glad for this news. Lots of love, prayers, T

  16. Love the photo. Keep us posted.

  17. I'm getting caught up on your amazing blog this evening after 4 days with my son & his family in town for the 4th. Your family is beautiful. The cake looked good and YAY! that Sophie will get her infusion.

  18. What a beautiful photo. I love the embrace, the holding of hands, and your smile. So glad Sophie will get her treatment next week.



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