Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's not acceptable

Along with Robert Rummel-Hudson's brilliant piece on it, and my friend Jeneva's recent blog posts, HERE and HERE, the television series Glee is getting in on the campaign to end the use of the word retard. I have friends who still use the word around me -- apologetically, of course -- but they just don't seem to get it. Maybe this will help:


  1. my soapbox....it's getting crowded up here. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wait---your FRIENDS use that word in front of you? Apologetically, no less?

  3. Thanks for posting. More so, I don't like connotations that permeate even the words and behaviors that are "correct." A book that has been recommended time after time, though not an easy read, is "The Mask of Benevolence - Disabling the Deaf Community." Several other good ones - but a good example of how "goodness" is used to oppress, or otherwise. Very hard to deal with in other people and extremely hard to see it in myself without someone pointing it out to me. Thanks again for posting.

  4. Maggie World - Yes! Do you have your sheriff uniform on to marshal all of us?

    A - Yes. Hard to believe, but that's the way it is in the world.

    Carrie Turner - I appreciate this comment. I have a good friend who has educated me about the deaf community and all of its nuances. I will take a look at the book! Thanks.

  5. Thank you.
    I will talk to my children.
    I haven't heard them say it and I would be surprised if they did, but they need to know it is a no good and useless word for anyone.
    I am becoming my Mom.
    It's a good thing.

  6. This is perfect. When I taught at the high school level, it was a constant battle against this kind of language. Constant.

    My younger students are more compassionate and I never hear it.

  7. Just saw this on TV after Glee.

  8. Well,you know I love it.

    Funny,seems we spend time thinking about the youngest ones,the elementary,the jr. high and high schoolers, and yet,plenty of adults letting it fly as well.Plenty.Hated it before Zoey and still am hating it.So all we can do is keep talking and sharing and speaking up and out and hope one day,that people will get it.One day.

  9. LOVE it!

    See? We can make change. We can.



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