Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm reading:

I'm listening to:

I'm watching:

I'm loving:

my three children in the "olden days"

I'm shaking my head over:

white baseball pants versus gray baseball pants and all the hoopla surrounding that in a boys' baseball league where the powers that be take themselves very, very seriously


  1. I love Modern Family. And I vote for the gray pants :)

  2. Modern Family! Yesss.

    I'm with Stephanie on the grey pants. Grass stains and all that.

    I love your kids in olden days. Where did you make that picture?

  3. I tried to read that book...I couldn't get into it. So if it is good let me know.

    And anything by Ingrid Michaelson is wonderful.

    I think this summer I will watch "Modern Family" off Hulu. So many say it is a great show!

    Crank a car..boy am I glad we don't have to do that.

  4. Modern Family is my favourite show. I watch it on my computer! Season Finale tonight! Whoot!

  5. What a fun post! I may have to borrow that some time :)
    I love how Soph looks like the damsel in distress, and your boys are so earnest about rescuing her :) so sweet!

  6. Who ~
    I'm missing and admiring:

  7. LOVE ingrid. saw her in concert (and i never get to concerts) about a year ago - she was wonderful. really knows how to choreograph and stage a performance (she started out in theatre, i think.) anyway - i've never heard her sing that song - so lovely.



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