Friday, May 6, 2011

Women and Art and Music

via T. Clear


  1. This is completely lovely but all I can think of is that I really need to trim my eyebrows or no one will ever want to paint a picture of me.

  2. I'm getting caught up with your posts, and have to say that I'm glad I'm off most of my pain meds because I think this one might have made things interesting if I wasn't. It's really cool!
    I could honestly eat that whole chocolate cake, maybe cuz I'm down a kidney? Yowzaa!
    And, per your post about your lovely Girl Who Loves Trees ~ there is a pine that I like to think stands guard over Erin that I wrote about some time ago in this post ( and I wonder if perhaps you're familiar with the book I mentioned in it as well since you seem to have read just about every book on this earth! I love trees too.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, Elizabeth. It's always a pleasure to visit here.

  3. That was brilliant. Perfect mother's day post. I might even share it with my MIL.



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