Sunday, March 29, 2015

#DontStarePaparazzi, Number 456

Sophie and I walked up to LACMA today to wander around the Southeast Asian galleries. Rather, I walked and Sophie was pushed in her wheelchair. We love the Southeast Asian galleries because they're dim and quiet and peaceful, and barely anyone is there. I feel immediately restored when I'm there, and Sophie seems to be lulled by them as well. She's having some withdrawal symptoms the last week or so and is unsteady on her feet as well as easily tired. Lord knows I need the exercise, so I was pushing her along at a good clip when a tall young man pushing two little ones in a stroller came around a corner and passed me. The little girl, facing us, was fascinated by Sophie and literally didn't stop poking her head around her father's legs to gawk. Granted, Sophie was chewing agitatedly on some muti-colored chew beads, her face was probably wet from drool and I'm -- well -- if not a raving beauty to stare at, then certainly a witch. I smiled in the grim way of witches and kept up my pace. Reader, I just have never gotten used to the staring.

Oh, and while the photo is blurry, the tattoos on the backs of the guy's legs are EYES. So there was that, too.


  1. Well that is darkly humorous. I adore those galleries.

  2. I think a good part of why I moved to land in the country is so we could be outside without
    suffering the stares or careful non-looking or polite kindly smiles masking discomfort. I can understand how that sounds curmudgeonly (just what response DO I want?) but we were weary of all of it. At least in a museum, staring is
    what everybody's doing. Eyes on calves? Ew.

  3. I don't mind little kids staring, they're just curious. Adults though, just stick your tongue out:)

    Or you could flip them the bird. Flash them your girls:)

  4. Today at Chuck E Cheez I also has some heads turned with a puzzled look on their face. I had to look at my girls face to see what they were staring at and I wasn't sure what they were so puzzled with as her prosthetic eye was in place and not turned upside down (showing only white). Maybe it was the wheelchair or her pony tails crooked or something else? Not sure.

  5. Of course you've never gotten used to it. I would be seething, even if it is a little girl.

  6. Oy. I wish every interaction were a compassionate one. That said, the first thing I thought about was how long ago he got those tattoos and whether he still thinks it was a good idea....So much for non-judgment.

  7. I know this isn't really the point but why on earth would someone tattoo EYES on the back of their calves???



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