Monday, March 23, 2015

Sidewalk Stains and an Update on the "Disappeared" Article

I dragged myself out for a walk today and tried to stop and smell the roses. I noticed this stained heart in the sidewalk and would extend the metaphor out, but I don't have it in me. If the tips of my shoes were in the photo, I might call it Don't tread on my heart. A little further on, I noticed a stain in the exact shape of the Italian map. I'd extend that out to being a sign that I am supposed to go to Florence or perhaps Sicily.

I also noticed a long dark hair curled in the shape of a Japanese samurai warrior's head with a pigtail on the edge of the sink when I stepped out of the shower. You can take that where you'd like to take it.

Karen Lowe, the writer of the article in National Geographic told me today that the "tech team at the magazine is evidently working on bringing the article back up." We shall see, right?

What's on your agenda today?


  1. I'd say forgiveness but I don't have it in me just yet.

  2. I love stains in the sidewalk, especially here in the Pacific NW where the leaves fall in the autumn and make different shapes that last in the concrete for weeks at a time. I hope the article makes its way back soon.

  3. We shall see what we shall see with the article.
    With the stains on the sidewalk, we see what we want and need to see.

  4. Yeah, okay...I guess I don't have forgiveness in me about this "disappearance" either...Those shapes remind me of playing with Kodac paper as a kid, placing objects on the paper and setting it outside until its shadow appeared on the paper which I thought was cool.

  5. Perhaps National Geographic will bring it back up - maybe (and maybe I am being fairy tale-ish in my thinking although that would definitely be a first) it wasn't a vast conspiracy after all.
    In regards to an earlier posting of yours, I too read the story on Gerry Adams in the New Yorker. I FBed the link to my friend who is from Northern Ireland (and who I have visited there) because I know she will be interested. And of course I also thought - hey why do I pay for a subscription when the stories come up for free?! I am always looking for the unfair angle.
    - Karen

  6. Good. I hope they do. I can't believe it's all that difficult unless someone massively screwed up (or intentionally intervened) while they were rebuilding the site.



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