Monday, February 16, 2009

Check One

Oliver made three wishes that I posted here.

The Lego helicopter and raft have come in from back order and are on their way to our house.

We're waiting on the other two.

[Update: Sophie, so far, has responded well to the medication. I don't notice any side effects and it might be my imagination (I tend to superstition and don't want to "jinx" things) but her seizures seem less severe and fewer in number.]

About superstition -- I'm certain that the southern Italian peasant inside of me (my father's parents are Calabrese) ensures that if I think too hard about good, the opposite will happen. Hence my hesitation to say out loud that this drug might actually be working????


  1. Hooray for Oliver's wish list!

    I have been wondering how the medication has been working, so I'm glad to hear this small update -- although I try to cleave to what's rational and leave emotion out of things, I tend toward superstition too. I'm very much into the self-deception model where instead of hoping for things, I set very low expectations so that all good things feel like a huge bonus.

    Sending positive thoughts your way.

  2. I've checked your blog every day hoping for an update. Out of respect for your heritage, I very, very quietly said, "Thank you.." (and a prayer that the trend continues).

    On a side note, I have a Terrible Towel for you, sitting on my sideboard. Unfortunately, everyone in my family is afflicted with Terrible Colds, etc. and I've been unable to get to the post office. But I'll get there. God willing, I will get there.

  3. Thanks, Lisa and Julia -- it's so great to know that we have loyal supporters and prayers and well-wishers!

  4. Hang in there hon!! Hope it's working too!! Sarah

  5. Olivers wishing....
    love that kid
    love that his wish just might be coming true
    keep us posted

  6. I never knew I had southern Italian peasant in me as well. I understand.

    I'll quietly celebrate, I promise.

    (Laura said I need to check out your french fry post after she read mine today. Would you have a moment to point me in the correct direction? Em)

  7. I am so quietly thrilled for you.

  8. Thanks, all! Sophie is having bit of a rough day so perhaps superstition holds. But it's still too early to tell...

  9. I've been checking in for the latest ..... I hope improvement will continue - in spite of any (perceived setback today). It's all so mysterious - who can help but use superstition to live with the ups and downs. I can totally relate - and for me it might be an Irish heritage - but heritage all the same. I love the photo of the old woman. She looks like she KNOWS something ;)

  10. Elizabeth! This is GREAT news. Though I do absolutely understand your caution. I wish continued success.



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