Tuesday, January 5, 2010


No. This isn't going to be an intense, sobering post like the ones I've written lately. And I should thank all of you now, bloggers and friends for all your wise and supportive comments and words. I think our discussion of broken children and the like was incredibly stimulating and illuminating. The last few days have been a time of great contemplation for me as I mused about everything written and felt a renewal of peace and even resolve in myself.

But I've just peeled myself up off of my bed where I've been lying the past hour, propped up by pillows and pretending to be absorbed, with my son Oliver, in this book:

And that's why the title of this post is HEROISM.

(and the photo at the top is a candid shot of my boys destroying our gingerbread village that we made before Christmas in what has become known as The Annual Gingerbread Stomp.)


  1. love the gingerbread stomp! what a great idea.

  2. Ours went straight to the compost bin this year... I like this idea and may have to steal it as a tradition.
    love that you've added the mermaid to your page.

  3. I go more for the Annual Gingerbread CHOMP, ummm, nothing like stale cookie, but the stripped off M&Ms and jelly drops hit the spot. Elizabeth, you're my Hero.

  4. Heroes. Yep. You're on MY list.
    And that picture at the top of your blog? Perfection.

  5. Gingerbread stomp sounds like fun. Star Wars Eyewitness book not so much. Though I know the kids at work go crazy for it. What a good mom you are. The photo at the top is astounding.

  6. I am catching up (finally!) on my favorite blogs. I love the fun that you share in this post. Also the new picture, beautiful! And..my comment about your last blog on broken-ness. Lovely, thoughtful and leads me to not only my own thoughts about my daughter but her acceptance about herself. Although not an significant disability of which you write, still life-changing for all. She asks in her blog, "Do you ever really accept grieving the diagnosis?" Both sides of life I guess. Thank you for sharing and particularly for HAPPY today!!

  7. I'm going to start answering my comments this year, so here goes!

    Terena -- Yes, it's a boys' dream.

    Deb -- The mermaid, the photo -- I'm just confused on what to do with the blog design...

    Stephanie - You're MY hero!

    Ms. Moon - I just told someone today that you were one of my favorite bloggers!

    Bethany - Yes, the Star Wars book is a nightmare of boredom.

    Cinda - Thanks, as always, for your wise words and support!

  8. I love your header photo and the gingerbread stomp idea, must steal for my own family!

    Star Wars. What an adventure. This morning G's (folded up) light saber was in the hood of his coat when we got to school. Boys for miles around could smell it...

  9. I too love the picture at the top of the blog!

    I was quite brave today with Dimitri and his Sponge Bob sticker book, although I begin to flag at my husbands interest in Star Wars and Star Trek movies......

  10. I think I need to stomp something
    or someone....

  11. You deserve the title for spending an hour with that book.

    Went back to bed this morning and slept for two hours and threw up for one.

    So hopefully will feel better soon.

    Love you dear friend and your recent posts have been amazing.

    Karen wrote a beautiful post after reading yours.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. I have some catching up to do ...

    my acts of heroism don't involve Star Wars books - but endless I Spy books - big medals of honor are needed here :)

  13. Not enough has been made of the value in a good stomping. LOVE your mast head, too, btw!



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