Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When I have nothing to post

I'm parched.

Thirsty for inspiration.

Stasis. (which, in our case, might be good because god forbid we should have some dull days around here...)

Here are some photos that are just plain easy on the eye, plucked from the archives.

The Mermaid

The Mermaid and Her Own True Love

The Three Muses

Reflections on a Purple Room

The Brothers

I Love Where I Live

My Beautiful Nephews

The Cousins


One of My Favorite Pictures

A Rare Quiet Moment


  1. Damn. Your family looks like a Ralph Lauren family if Ralph's models were a real, beautiful family.
    Thank you for those pictures.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing those pictures.
    Each one beautiful. You have loving eyes.

  3. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Those are lovely. I especially like the one of all the cousins.

  5. This is a treat; thank you for letting us into your life in this way. What a gorgeous family! Especially love the photo of Sophie and her one true love, and "the brothers." And those are rich in FAMILY!

  6. ditto to everything that's been said. how did you get all the cousins wearing those matching shorts and shirts? cool!

  7. Dears to my heart in ways you know and understand so well. They are gorgeous and funny, and bring a smile to the heart. As you do.

  8. Gorgeous photos, you lovely woman, you! When can we get together? Let's group! xo

  9. What a fun post! Love seeing your kids at the beach.

    And I've been meaning to say how appealing your new masthead is.

  10. i have a photo of Dakota at age 4 that is exactly the same as the last photo. his back is turned toward me and he looks at the sand by the ocean. i cherish it.

  11. beautiful photos. I love seeing the mermaid and her brothers

  12. beautiful photos! but where's the one of the Brother tied to the tree?

  13. Photos are such a wonderful way of getting to know each other! Thanks for visiting my "Winter garden tour" and leaving a comment -- and thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of your family life. They say so much!
    And I love the name of your blog -- it's so poetic!

  14. this was before I found you. I am so glad I found this beautiful post. such a gorgeous family.



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