Friday, March 25, 2011

Making a Cake

Yesterday, I baked a cake. I baked this cake for another person and not my family because I've decided that I need to start my business back up, again. I need to start baking again and making and decorating cakes and cupcakes and pastries. I need to do this because it's a skill that I have, that I once had and because I can't get a real job outside the home because my life, my life as a mother to a girl with seizures is veeeeeerrrrryyyyy unstable and I never know when I'm going to need to be at home and wait for a seizure to stop or wait for the girl to wake up and if I bake a cake I can do it from home and the girl can sit in her chair if she's having a bad day and I can keep baking. And then there's the money.


Yesterday, I baked a cake. I made a chocolate cake with buttermilk and the richest, best cocoa and I'm going to fill it with really good Belgian chocolate ganache and then I'm going to frost it with buttercream made with yolks and sugar, the real kind of buttercream where you heat up the sugar to a syrup and then pour it over the beaten yolks and then slowly add the bits of cold butter until it becomes a glossy, smooth and light as air without a speck of grease concoction. And then I'm going to add the tiniest bit of the strongest coffee extract and it will be tinted the barest browny beige.

I'll post a photo later.

I'm taking orders.


  1. "I'm taking orders."

    OK, I order you to send me one of those. ASAP. Heck, I'll give you half my kingdom for one.

  2. I NEED that cake. Pronto. Or on or around April 14, when my parents arrive from ATL. Seriously. Will send husband to pick up; he works downtown. Paypal?

  3. This is a good move for you. It will give you empowerment. and money. : )

  4. If I lived nearby, I would order one. Have you thought about eventually teaching classes from your home? I'm sure you'd be a fabulous teacher.

  5. oohhHHHHhhhh. Mercy! I just gained 7lbs reading this description. Now, am waiting for the photos!

  6. You had me with the photo. Chocolate, luscious kingdom for chocolate...!

    I will be making a cake..tis son's 15th bday on Sunday. Chocolate...oh yes..

    And we need to do what works for us, for you Elizabeth. Such satisfaction of creation of baking...and since you clearly no your way with this...well do it!

    We use to buy birthday cakes when the kids were teens, who did just what you are proposing. We would call and order, she would bake them in her home and we would pick up these yummy cakes.

  7. Like I said on FB,will definitely be calling/emailing about the oldest girl's upcoming 24th birthday,yikes,wasn't I just 24?She will be 24 on April the 4th ... make that email for sure cuz my voice it totally gone and I might scare you if I began to speak!Look for one a bit later ..

  8. Yum. Good idea, definitely worth trying.

  9. Suddenly, I want to bake a cake.
    I think this will be good for your soul, Elizabeth.

  10. This comment box is full to overflowing with one of those balloon arrangements and a card that says...
    "Congratulations on Your Grand Opening"

    Next time I swing by your way I'll take a gf one of whatever you choose.

  11. Yum. I wonder if I'm ever going to ditch this diet and have a slice of such lusciousness: Cake by Elizabeth!
    Your house is going to always smell so delicious, too. There was a period in my life when I baked an apple pie for breakfast every morning, partly just for that aroma with coffee.....

  12. Oh my heavens, that sounds absolutely wonderful.

    I would love to read more of your food writing .. and pictures ... and recipes. And by the way, what is the best, richest cocoa?

    I agree with Karen, teaching a class too would be great - at least for the students!

  13. Good for you! Sounds like you've found some customers already! I'm betting your house smells divine.



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