Saturday, March 12, 2011


That man's life is but a dream -
is what we now come to know

Its house abandoned,
the garden has become home
to butterflies

Monk Sogi (1421-1502)

People can text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.


  1. This is my son's tattoo. oh god.

  2. I'm reeling from it ..
    from everything lately it seems.
    I hope I didn't come across wrong yesterday by posting my daughter's smiles. We need to remember this too .
    I do.

    and I just dropped off a daughter to board a tour bus, and then read of the accident today in NY.

    love you.


  3. The Japanese stylized wave paintings will never look the same to me again. An eerie actualization.

  4. What a perfect poem about this life. You always find words, yours or someone else's, to help. Thank you.

  5. There but for the grace of...
    I cannot shake my sadness, I wish I were younger to volunteer again with Doctors without Frontiers and go, just go to hold someone's hand if nothing else. Donating to the Red Cross yesterday I felt like I was trying to buy myself some peace of mind. FWIW, it didn't help. I want to do more and I don't know how under the circumstances.

  6. Thanks for the information ... family and friends in Japan.

  7. It's one disaster after after another isn't it?

  8. I've been reading your posts, and came to the one where Oliver went to Sophie's school party. I am sure that you were surprised, and for me, it just seems so natural and "of course!" that he would be so easy, and genuine, and loving: this is what he knows! He loves Sophie, most likely doesn't really see anything as "wrong." Just loves her. So, it is easy and natual for him to enjoy her life, too.

    Goddess. It is Beautiful!

    Our Love and Attention go with our dollars to assist with the earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in Japan.

    Thank you, Beautiful Elizabeth.

  9. beautiful. thank you for the info on the red cross

  10. Thanks for the Red Cross info and the beautiful poem. The weight of this disaster is still hitting me. To see the waves crashing into our local marinas with such force, so far from the actual disaster, was shocking and revealing of both the enormity of the situation and the "smallness" of this world.



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